When three sweets filled Eden’s mouth.

He slowly shifted his gaze, which had been tenaciously staring at Elysia.

The pinpoint of his gaze was the book that Elysia tossed on the bed.

“Do you want to read it?”

Elysia asked even if she had been turned down once, she didn’t give up.

She noticed the ghost-like Eden showing interest in the book.

“Read it at least once.”

As she opened the book herself, Eden eventually accepted it.

The book Elysia brought was a thin children’s book full of pictures.

Illustrations were sloppy, but she chose it regardless because she thought it would be a better option than a full textbook.

Sweets scoured Eden’s cheeks.

Meanwhile, Eden turned his attention to the book and read the first page.

Elysia sat next to Eden and watched him from the side.

His neat white eyelashes were stretched out long although not full.
Contrasting with his skinny stature, his cheeks hadn’t lost their baby fat and were bulging.

She was tempted to poke them.

The features hidden in his cute appearance were noticeable in Elysia’s eyes.

‘You are going to be a striking beauty.’

Even when Eden was just reading, his appeal didn’t lose its spark, making Elysia’s prediction certain.

Even if he was still young, she could visibly see the buds.

‘Will Ariel become a beauty that stands out, too?’

She thought about how nice it would be to see them standing side by side.

In the future, when such a day will come, Elysia seemed to think that she would proudly show them off more to others.

As if she was their parent.

‘Parent… I guess that’s not bad?’

Yes, that was it.
It’s just right.


Elysia was busy daydreaming when Eden turned to look back at her.

With a bewildered look on his face.

Perplexed, Eden blinked several times like he was anxious.


Elysia tilted her head, confused.

“What’s wrong?”

Could it be that he was unable to concentrate because she was staring at him too intently?

Asked Elysia as she touched her nose with a puzzled expression.


Looking back and forth between Elysia and the book, perhaps he was self-conscious of speaking hastily.


As Eden continued to gaze at her, Elysia shifted her sight to the book.

The page of the book was exactly where it had opened.

“…Were you… unable to read?”


His lashes slightly trembled at Elysia’s inquiry.

She pressed her forehead hard when she noticed his white lashes trembling.


Eden immediately responded.
As Elysia seemed displeased.

He assumed that he contributed to her displeased face for his lack of response.


In the unexpected predicament, Elysia stuttered.

Elysia assumed that Eden must have learned letters.

He was a member of the royal family and assumed to have finished basics at a young age like Elysia.

With the noble’s view of education that was unusual, together with being a royal, she thought he couldn’t have received any less.

Eden, a nine-year-old royal, doesn’t know how to read and write?


As Elysia remembered it, the then-adult Eden was a very clever man.

He couldn’t have missed any studies.

Which only tells…

‘Was it Delphi?’

It could be no one other than Delphi, the owner of the Tower, who had erased Eden’s memories.

Since Delphi left Eden’s common sense, she thought that he could read.

She didn’t know that Delphi would go so far as to erase his knowledge to read.

‘Just why?’

If it wasn’t for Elysia, Eden wouldn’t have the chance to see the illustrations, let alone to read a book.

Which is why Elysia pondered Delphi’s choice of action.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t…”

Seeing Elysia’s distorted expression and closed mouth, Eden apologized, almost on the verge of tears.

Elysia barely managed to compose herself when he apologized, almost making herself laugh vainly.

“…Let’s learn how to write first.”

She thought of the reason why they made him like this.

She wondered if Eden knew.

That the person he is apologizing to is the daughter of the man who kidnapped him.

Perhaps he held no knowledge on how to feel anger toward others, Eden only noticed Elysia’s moods.

Elysia held back what she wanted to say so as to not apologize immediately and looked at the book on Eden’s thigh.

There was no advantage in worrying about something that had no answer.

What was most important was to teach Eden the letters so that he could kill time with books.

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