There were no pens or paper when Elysia came to see Eden, as she had only brought a single book with her.

She ordered Eden to repeat the sentence she had read from the book.

For Elysia, it was a poor choice of teaching method.

“So the Lion…”

The story they were reading was drawing to its close.

Elysia read the passage from the fairy tale in a calm voice.

It was then when she was waiting for Eden’s response.


Elysia’s waiting was overshadowed by the silence that filled the room.

With her head down facing the book, she turned her head toward him.


His small head bounced up and down.

Lie down and sleep.”

With Rizbeth still not coming inside the annex, Elysia assumed it was not even around 8 o’clock yet.

She guessed since the second hand of the clock kept going back and forth in the same spot on the face.

Despite the fact the night was still early, Eden was already drunk with sleepiness, he could not muster his senses.

He was so young that he had a short-span concentration and needed to sleep a lot to grow.


When Eden didn’t reply, Elysia called out to him again, with a lot of strain to her voice that time around.


Unable to fight back, Eden struggled with sleep.

He rubbed his white eyelids with both of his hands to keep his eyes open.

Elysia found his squiggly fingers cute.

‘You’re such a baby.’

Eden had been desperately trying to keep himself awake and suddenly straightened his back.

Recalling what she had said earlier, Elysia tilted her head in confusion at Eden’s sudden movement.

“If you’re sleepy, lie down and sleep.”

Eden shook his head in refusal when Elysia pushed him to bed and signaled him to lie down.

He then opened his eyes and mumbled,

“I’m not going to sleep…”

Contradictory to his determined face to keep awake, his mumbled speech was far from being awake at all.

Eden’s eyes soon lost their strength and relaxed as his eyelids continued to droop down.

‘I think he’s already asleep.’

Elysia casually closed the book and moved to the bedside.

When Elysia moved, Eden jolted.

Elysia moved quietly to the bedside and pulled the futon down.

“Here, come on.”

Elysia had a stern look on her face as she beckoned to Eden.

Eden came to the conclusion that fighting back was futile and so he managed to raise himself up, moved where Elysia was and laid down on the bed.

With a satisfied look, she pulled the futon up to Eden’s neck.

“Good night.”

With Eden going to sleep, she had kept her promise to him that she would stay until he went to bed.

As if Eden could read Elysia’s thoughts, he looked up at her with barely open eyes.

“I will visit tomorrow again.
That’s why, stop being stubborn and sleep.”

She covered Eden’s eyelids with her hand.

Eden quickly blinked, when his vision instantly dimmed.

His eyelashes tickled Elysia’s palms.

The corners of her mouth went up unconsciously.

Before long, Eden’s eyes closed.

She didn’t move her hands and just stood still, waiting until Eden’s breathing became steady.




Soon after returning to her room, Elysia did not lie down in her bed but instead sat at the desk.

She immediately opened a textbook, pictureless in comparison to Eden’s fairy tale book they had read.

Elysia’s eyes continued to go back and forth to the text.

‘I’m famished.’

She was not the type to eat a lot, but she was at an age where she was still growing.

And so, it was natural for her to be hungry whenever she skipped a meal.

Ariel must have taken dinner already, as Elysia had not come down to eat.

Before, it was because Elysia was busy studying.

Elysia often skipped meals because her focus on studies was so intense she would lose awareness of how much time had passed.

Every time, Elysia would tell Ariel to eat first.

Obviously, Ariel refused to listen to her sister and had waited for Elysia to come.

In the end, Elysia, who couldn’t stand it, had rebuked Ariel, and only then did she obey.


Elysia gazed at the candy basket on the desk.

Almost all of the sweets were given to Eden, and not even half of the basket was left.

Elysia disliked sweets but could resist her hunger no more and reached toward the basket.

She opened the candy without checking what flavor it was first.

The wrapper came off when she pulled the candy from both ends.

It was a purple-colored candy.

Elysia ate it assuming its taste would be grape.

When she was rolling the candy with her tongue, the tips of Elysia’s fingers suddenly stiffened.

‘Too sweet.’

She did not reach for the candy basket again.

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