Elysia felt relieved as she said it.

Despite knowing well enough that she shouldn’t.

“Anyhow, if you still felt uncomfortable receiving gifts from me for your brother, then use your hard-earned money to buy him something next time.”

As if there was nothing more to say, Elysia opened the door of the annex and said,

“I’ll pay for your brother’s treatment, that way you don’t have to use your salary.”

Elysia had decided that she would teach Eden how to write in today’s visit.

Without hearing Rizbeth’s response, Elysia went inside and organized in accordance with her agenda in her thoughts.

Left alone, Rizbeth smiled bitterly at Elysia’s words.

As Elysia had said to her, the salary she earned from the Duke was more blasphemous.


* * *


She found Eden asleep as she entered.

Elysia stared at the sleeping Eden for a moment.

‘I am conflicted whether to wake you.’

Feeling conflicted at the sight of Eden who was sleeping, Elysia gathered herself to sit on the edge of the bed.

The fairy tale book she had left yesterday was next to Eden.

It seemed that he opened it, whether he managed to read it or not.

‘I wonder if he was nevertheless less bored because of it?’

Elysia stamped her feet with pride.

Time was gold for Elysia, but she silently waited for Eden to wake up.

Not before long, there were signs of movement behind her.

Elysia had sat on the bed with her back to the sleeping Eden and turned quickly and found Eden’s blinking eyes.

“Are you awake? Sleep more if you feel sleepy.”

The determination from Elysia’s willingness to wait for him was soon overshadowed by Eden who quickly rose up.

She was confused if she felt a little relieved.

Moreover, Eden, who was under the blank state, seemed to sleep less.

“I don’t want to sleep anymore…” Eden confidently said as he removed his blankets.

However, as soon as he removed them, he shivered and looked cold.

‘Come to think of it, the weather has gotten a little cold.’

Elysia walked toward the window bars and thought that it was only during winter that one would experience the harsh cold.

She deliberately left the annex’s window open, with the thought in mind that it was better than no air circulating.

However, when she saw Eden shivering from the weather, she thought that it would be wise to close it.

“I’ll close the window, but feel free to open it again whenever you feel stuffy.”

As she advised Eden, she closed the window.

She was unsure if Eden could reach it, but she thought that he could reach it if he were to step on the chair.


When Elysia heard a rattling sound, she turned her back and found Eden right behind her.



Elysia and Eden both tilted their heads in confusion as they looked at each other.

They remained that way for quite a while, with question marks on their faces.


Elysia felt pressured.

In the end, it was she who avoided the gaze first.

For her, Eden had a timeless beauty that you would not get tired of, however, it felt burdensome if he were to continue staring at her like that.

Admitting her defeat, she tapped Eden’s head.

“I have brought you a paper and pen.”

It was the day that Elysia planned to make Eden quickly learn how to write.

Whether he really understood Elysia’s words, his eyes sparkled brilliantly at her.

She walked past him rummaging through her pockets and pulled out a pen.

He dragged his shackles and himself to Elysia.

As she fished the pen out of her pocket, she remembered the candy she had eaten the night before.

Elysia thought that she carried a lot of stuff.

“Have a taste of this first.”

Elysia suddenly remembered that she had brought bananas and handed them to Eden as she did to Rizbeth.

As she thought of helping Eden peel off the skin she had given him, she found Eden peeling it off and chewing the banana without difficulty.

She looked around as Eden continued to eat.

There was no decent spot in the annex to sit and study.

Tables and chairs may be provided, but the chair was higher than the table, nevertheless, it was better than lying down.

Elysia reluctantly dragged the chair.

Instead of sitting on it, she sat on the floor facing the chair.

The floor was cold as she sat down.

“Use this.”

Elysia took off her thin coat and laid it on the floor for Eden to sit on.

He hesitated as he was about to take his seat with Elysia.

“As a padding for the floor…”

Eden was startled at Elysia’s words and looked at his shirt.

And then, Eden quickly tried to undress.

“Wha, what are you doing?”

Elysia, who was equally startled as he, grabbed Eden by the wrist.

“The floor’s cold…”

That’s why I am telling you to sit here…”

Do you think that I’ll be cold too?’

As Elysia took off her coat for Eden, he seemed to copy her action, trying to give her the same consideration.

“I’m alright, so take a seat.”

She had a layer on top of the coat she had taken off anyway.

Whilst Eden, his bare skin showed as soon as he removed his top.

Elysia’s composure had not calmed to the point that she continued to sit on the floor without padding.

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