The blank paper placed on the chair was soon filled with ink.

As more crooked letters were scribbled on the paper, Elysia’s facial expression spread wider with surprise.

“You’re very bright.”

Elysia, of course, knew that Eden was a bright child.

Even if Elysia knew, it wasn’t that it wouldn’t surprise her.

There were consonants and vowels in a world where Elysia originally lived, and if she were to teach Eden those, he would immediately memorize them the first time he was taught.

Simple terms were easy to convey.

Eden, who had a lifeless blank expression on his eyes yesterday, had made great progress in a mere hour.


Elysia continued to voice her amazement.
And whenever she did, a flush of red spread through Eden’s cheeks.

When Elysia confirmed that Eden showed more expressions as she praised him, she did it explicitly and more frequently.

“How were you able to learn all of these letters in just a span of one day?”


Eden consciously bit his lip, stopping his unconscious self that was about to smile.

But Elysia quickly caught his expression.

‘I may look like this, but I have been raising a child for nine years already.’

Elysia had been taking care of Ariel since she was a newborn, and it had been almost nine years since that day.

She was proud of herself with a ‘career’ that she couldn’t say a word about and continued to praise Eden instead.

“Are you a genius?”

Sensing the warmth rise to the top of his head, Eden fanned himself with his hand.

Elysia continued to tease Eden with joy as she saw Eden’s cute reactions.

While fanning himself, Eden bowed down his head and continued to write diligently.

He wrote on the paper without making any errors.

His hands were small and his penmanship was crooked, so Elysia couldn’t say that he wrote well, even if it was a lie.

‘My Ariel took her over a week, too.’

The one who taught Ariel how to write was Elysia.
Ariel had hated learning to write and often lied to her sister about being sick and skipped class, and in severe cases, Ariel would quickly run away when her sister went to the bathroom.

And each time, Elysia would search all over the mansion to find Ariel.
Elysia’s face relaxed as she reminisced about the not-so-distant past.

“You did great.”

Elysia’s cold-looking face that gave off an indifference whenever she’s serious, looked warm throughout teaching Eden the letters.

“…Thank you very much…”

With both hands placed on the chair, Eden turned to look at her and responded to her praise.

If Elysia had not known that Eden had lost his memory, it would have been a reaction that might seem inadequate.

However, Elysia, who was aware of his situation, wiped off her warm expression at him and tapped the paper with a bitter expression.

“Lastly, why don’t you write your name?”

“My name?”

“Yes, your name.”

Said Elysia, as she sat upright, her arms wrapped around her legs.


At Elysia’s instruction, Eden slowly began to resume his writing.

Because he only remembered the name ‘Eden’, the inscription on the paper he wrote was short.

“Well done.”

She saw him writing his name without difficulty and praised Eden again.
His purple eyes then turned toward her.

When Elysia stared back at Eden’s innocent eyes, she released her arms from the legs she was holding.

She then gazed at the window; the sun was still up and bright.

It had only been an hour since she had come inside the annex, so there were still long hours to go before night fell.

Elysia habitually looked up at the broken clock.


He looked excited, but Elysia knew it wasn’t something that should be said.

However, it was impossible for her to stay with Eden for two consecutive nights.


His deer-like eyes caught Elysia’s ankles.

Eden did not know because she had not uttered a word yet, but Elysia had a look in her face that she was going to leave him alone.

She had considered herself as someone grounded, but she realized that it only seemed to be the case.

Elysia pursed her lips a few times then ripped off a banana next to her and handed it to Eden.

“Do you want some more?”

Elysia’s thoughts passed onto Rachel who had asked her where she had been last night.


* * *


– Where did you go all day yesterday?

– What?

When she stayed with Eden until he fell asleep, Elysia had somewhat expected it.

However, she was confident that she could easily pass it, even if she were to be questioned by Rachel.

There was only one thing that she had not expected: she had unexpectedly come to Elysia, uninvited.

– Has anyone seen me?

She didn’t think so.

Unless something special or of grave importance had happened within the Duchy, there was no one brave enough to face Elysia.

Except for one man, Duke Valtine.

Which was why Elysia has no hesitation going in and out of Eden’s annex.

– A maid has seen Miss.

Her voice was lower than usual.

In the mansion, Rachel was one of the people that Elysia wouldn’t hate.

– Ah… the maid?

Elysia contorted her face and smiled.

Rachel frowned at the sight of Elysia’s unusual expression.

– Has no one seen me, except for that maid?

– Yes, there’s no one else.

Rachel’s dark eyes were full of worry.

Elysia showed no doubt at the maid’s confident confession.

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