Elysia’s hand passed over the back of her neck as she immersed herself in thought for a moment.

Rachel wanted to ask Elysia where she had been wandering off to these days.

She didn’t seem to be going out of the mansion as the soldiers were quiet.

In the first place, Elysia had never left the mansion since she was born.

It frustrated Rachel, however, Elysia did not seem bothered by it.

And so, Rachel concluded it was clear that she was wandering around somewhere in the mansion.

– Are you going to attend tomorrow?

– Yes? Ah, I’ll be attending.

Elysia replied to Rachel’s question, but Rachel’s thoughts were about the maid’s face, turning her face red as she held back her anger.

– She came looking later than I expected.

Elysia had already expected that Rachel would come to question her someday.

Depending on her mood, she often kicked the maids out.

Rather, Rachel was considered left at the mercy of Elysia, as she was able to endure up to this point.

Elysia had not expected that Rachel’s patience was greater than she initially thought.

– No one is looking for the Miss.
I am here.

Rachel replied as she was unable to hide her disappointment when she saw Elysia talking to herself.

At that moment, Elysia was left speechless, quickly realizing her mistake.

When she recalled what had happened the day before, Elysia made up her mind.

I have to go now.”


‘A deer is a deer.’ (T/N: I think Elysia is trying to concentrate here or else she won’t be able to say no to Eden’s cute charms :)) and! deer symbolizes long life in Korea, so it could also mean that she’s doing this for her/their life.)

A ‘why?’ was plastered on his face.

At Elysia’s sudden goodbye, Eden’s cheeks were filled with chunk bananas he couldn’t swallow.

It was perhaps why it was more difficult for Elysia to bring it up.

“I stayed too long yesterday, which is why I have to go early today.”

As if to hammer down her initial words, Elysia spoke again.

Eden’s eyes widened.

“Can’t you prolong your stay here?”


Elysia couldn’t find the right words to answer.

“I can’t…”

As she murmured the words, Eden’s face became sullen.
Amidst his sullenness, Eden did not whine to Elysia not to go.
Deep inside, he wanted to.
But Eden vaguely understood that he shouldn’t.

Eden moistened his lips with a lick of his tongue as his mind filled with worry.

“I cannot prolong my stay as I did yesterday, but I will come every day, unless something special happens.”

Elysia told Eden with a blank face, as she stared at his hesitant expression.

She agonized for a moment when she saw Eden’s changing expressions.

About whether to tell Eden the truth of his situation.
Elysia thought she had to let him know someday.

The truth was originally told by Ariel and not her.

And for this reason, Elysia thought it would be better for Ariel to tell Eden the truth for the sake of the two’s relationship to go smoothly.

Of course, there were other reasons as well.

Elysia was unsure.

Whether she won’t be hated by Eden if she let him know now.

“Every day?”

It was only then, that Eden’s sullen eyes came back to life.

Elysia loosened her stiff expression and answered him as she saw his pearl-like eyes twinkle and gleam.

“Yes, every day.”

And as she said earlier, unless something special happens.


* * *


Eden sat absent-mindedly for a while after Elysia left.


Eden caught the hem of Elysia’s coat in his hand.

She must have forgotten her clothes that were lying on the floor when she left.

Eden stared at the closed window.

He then remembered Elysia told him to open it whenever he felt stuffy.

As Eden got up, he lifted the hem of Elysia’s coat.
The thin coat seemed to prevent the cool wind easily.

He awkwardly folded Elysia’s coat, and contrary to his efforts, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted to.

Disappointed, Eden unfolded the coat again.

Eden’s mouth was slightly open as he stared at the coat spread in front of him.

He then inserted his arm into Elysia’s coat sleeve.
After wearing it properly, he realized that her coat was slightly big for him.

Eden felt a sense of wanting to grow big.

With a flushed face and as if he didn’t care what he had initially in mind, Eden brought up the sleeve close to his nose.

He could smell the lingering scent of Elysia in her coat.
Eden’s face lit up.
He buried his nose in Elysia’s coat sleeve and lifted his face soon after he got used to Elysia’s scent.

As he stayed still, drowsiness came over him.


He had nothing to do when he was awake.

Either way, he had no motivation.

When he saw the book that Elysia had brought, he wanted to read it; when he saw the paper and pen, he wanted to write something.

And obviously, he was like that whenever Elysia was around.

However, soon after whenever Elysia left, Eden felt like his whole body drooped to the ground like wet cotton.
His small growing body collapsed onto the bed, unable to fight off the drowsiness.

Elysia’s coat was wrapped around his body instead of his blanket.

The day was dull.

‘Tomorrow will come if I sleep.’

Eden murmured the natural providence while closing and opening his eyelids.

He blinked a few times and eventually closed his eyes as his sleepiness overcame him.

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