Shortly after Rachel’s departure, Elysia called Fiona.

Suddenly, upon calling her name, Elysia thought of something.


By Fiona’s response and attitude, she seemed to think that Elysia was agitated by the mention of Isabella.

The confidence in Fiona’s voice spoke volumes.

“Since when did I ask for advice?”


Elysia thought back to the last time she had a conversation with Fiona.

It must have been at least two years, since Fiona deliberately avoided her.

It was the first time in nearly two years that the two had a long conversation, including the time since Fiona properly greeted her.

Confrontation was inevitable.

Elysia had a vague idea whenever she saw Fiona, who was looking at her haughtily.

Fiona may have tried to conceal her innermost feelings, but they were clear as day to Elysia.

When the world was still new to her, Elysia wondered how all the servants could neglect their Mistress, no matter how tenuous Isabella’s position was.

She wondered if the servants had lost their fear.

Then, at some point, Elysia noticed.

Even if they neglect their mistress, there would be no punishment awaiting them.

Because her own husband and the most powerful member of the family, Duke Valtine, was well aware of the situation yet turned a blind eye to it.

“…Rachel doesn’t take good care of Miss, so shouldn’t I step up and speak out?”


“I was planning to tell you one day.
If you keep playing hardball like that, you’ll be out of your husband’s sight when you marry.”

Fiona did not seem to think that Elysia would be their future Master.

Of course, because the head of the family of the Duchy had been all men thus far.

It was not set in stone, but the custom itself was, and it was no different even for the other noble families.

Occasionally, a woman would inherit a title, but the chances of it happening were once in a blue moon.

Moreover, since there was a boy born around the same age as Elysia on the other side of the border, Fiona seemed to think that he would instead inherit the Duchy.

Elysia knew it all too well.
If she was not recognized by Duke Valtine, she, too, would be forced to marry.

Like in the original timeline, if Eden does not bring down the Duke, two of the worst possible futures awaited Elysia.

Either she would fall into the trap of Duke Valtine and inherit the title, or she would give way as a successor candidate and marry, sold to the highest bidder.

Elysia didn’t want either.

“You know it too well, Miss.
The moment when you’re out of your husband’s sight.”

“Before that happens, I think you should be out of my sight first.” Elysia looked at Fiona with a bitter expression.

On the contrary, Fiona looked down at Elysia’s piercing gaze with her mouth agape, as if in disbelief at what she had heard.

“And I can’t really say, since it has been a long time since I’ve been out of my father’s sight.”

Despite her awareness of Fiona’s shock, Elysia did not stop rebuking her.

“I’m doing this because I don’t like you.”


“I’m a bad person? Because I fire people when they make a mistake? A bad person?”

The edge of Elysia’s curved eyes could still be seen.

“Or should I have had you beaten every time you made a mistake and kept you by my side?”

Other nobles do.

Compared to the other nobles, Elysia was considerate of the servants.
Moreover, she also wrote letters of recommendation after she fired them, so their salaries were only lower than when they were in the Duchy, but she never deprived them of their livelihood.

All Elysia did was to get rid of the unpleasant beings before her.

“Are you saying you’re going to hit me?” Fiona talked back without faltering.

“I don’t want you to remain by my side, so why should I?”

‘If you want to play that way, then so be it.’

Elysia opened a drawer and pulled out a sheaf of documents.

Elysia lifted the tip of each piled paper and tilted it slightly to scan the document contents.

“The Miss cannot do this to me.” Fiona gritted her teeth and replied, her relaxed expression nowhere to be seen.

Whatever Fiona had said, Elysia’s eyes were still on the document.

“I haven’t done anything yet.” Elysia gently replied.

Contrary to Fiona’s suggestion, Elysia had no desire to argue with her.

Meanwhile, Fiona was irritated by the easy-going attitude of Elysia, who was much younger than her.

She was born from a good bloodline, so she regarded herself as a commoner so carelessly.

Fiona also considered herself young.

Fiona continued to reminisce about herself at Elysia’s age.

Other than that, Fiona had no similarity to Elysia.

Even if Elysia was born of the womb of a lowly Baron’s daughter, she was still a noble.

“Fiona, I’m going to kick you out.”

As if Elysia had finally found the document she sought, she took out a piece of paper and placed it on top of the piled documents.

Elysia told Fiona that she would fire her with a clear, sharp tone, but Fiona opened her mouth again,

“I’m the Head Maid.
The Master will not permit it.”

Are you narcissistic or just stupid?”

After the long years of service Fiona had dedicated herself to, she seemed to think that she could do anything.

“After all, we only hired you.” Elysia said, as she put her arm on the arm of the chair.


“And one of the tasks I am in charge of here are the maids… and you’re just a maid.”

A cold atmosphere surrounded Elysia as she leaned back into the chair.

The smile on Elysia’s lips was only a formality.

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