The smile on Elysia’s lips was a formality.

“Tell me, why can’t I fire you? Just today, did you presume to teach me and give me advice?”


“What maid of the family does that?”

The act of labeling others was far from Elysia’s values, but for this time around, she wanted to break Fiona’s pride.

Just as she had done to her mother.

In the first place, Elysia had learned a disrespectful attitude from Fiona and the other maids, so if Fiona were to blame someone, then blame herself.

– She came from a Baron family and she got married to the Duke without learning the duties of a Duchess.

– She really must have thought that he loved her, didn’t she?

– She’s delusional, he wasn’t originally interested in her as a woman.
I could even pass off as the Mistress better than her.

– But she was pretty good for a wizard before she got married, right?

– What’s the point of it now? She’s only an ordinary woman now, who was sold off and couldn’t say anything to us.
Her baby was being taken care of by the maid she brought from the Barony.
Does she think the maid’s her nanny? Is she so ill that she can’t even use magic anymore?

– I guess it was true.
I thought all the nobles were amazing, but I didn’t expect the Mistress to break that fantasy.

The giggles of Fiona and the other maids remained clear in Elysia’s mind, even years after they had passed.

‘You looked down on us first.’

Elysia had been tiptoeing and suddenly stopped moving.

That’s what people were like.

When a person who was above you becomes weak, you fall into the illusion that you are superior to that person.

It was especially severe in a place where class boundaries were so deeply rooted.

In fact, at first Elysia was frustrated by Isabella’s attitude of allowing and enduring the servant’s mistreatment.

It was like the time before she came into the world she was in now, remembering herself holding back and enduring the violence of her stepfather.

“Another one.”

Elysia’s gaze reached the blue earring on Fiona’s ear.

As soon as her red eyes took in the blue-colored earring, Elysia rose from her seat and approached Fiona.

As Elysia came close, Fiona unknowingly took a step back.

Elysia had grown taller in the last year and was now at eye level with Fiona, who was on the smaller side compared to others.

“It was not that your salary was low…”

Elysia raised her hand and touched Fiona’s earring.

Fiona stood unmoving and watched Elysia’s actions only by the movement of her eyes, then her body hardened in an instant.

“But at your age, why are you stealing?”

Elysia’s sharp wide open eyes were full of mischief.

Her hair fluttered over her shoulder.

Fiona watched it all happen silently.

“If you’ve done something bad, don’t show it.”

Afterwards, Elysia held out the paper in her hand to Fiona.

Fiona, whose eyes were only moving since Elysia came close, took the paper handed by Elysia with one hand.

Even as she read the text on the paper, all Fiona’s attention was only focused on Elysia.

Though, it did not last long.

As time went by, Fiona’s hand holding the document began to tremble anxiously.

“You don’t have to pay back the money you stole.
Instead, I don’t think I can give you a letter of recommendation.”

Elysia considered, if Fiona had bought the jewelry with the money she stole, it was likely that Fiona had used up all of her money.

In fact, it didn’t matter to Elysia whether Fiona had any savings.

She just wanted to give Fiona a harder time than the other maids she had let go.

Wait a minute, Miss.”

Embarrassed, Fiona crumpled the paper she was holding.

The paper detailed the amount Fiona had been secretly stashing over the past two years.

In Elysia’s mind, Fiona must have wanted to rip the document to pieces right away.

Elysia turned around and looked back at Fiona, who urgently called her.

“This, it’s a misunderstanding.
I think you misunderstand…”

A cold sweat flowed down behind Fiona’s ear, passing through her neatly tied hair.

Fiona trembled and stuttered as she flailed about making useless excuses.


Tired at the sight of her, Elysia called out Fiona with a wistful expression.

Fiona did not answer.

No, it was more precise that she couldn’t.

“Get out.”

Elysia dropped all formalities with her.


* * *


In the end, Elysia was not able to eat a proper dinner.

And it was fortunate that Elysia did not have to go hungry, as Rachel brought her late-night snacks.

Sitting alone in her room while chewing her late dinner, Elysia was left in thought.

‘It would be better for Rachel to be the next Head Maid.
Living in the mansion would be much more comfortable for me and Ariel.’

Perhaps Fiona cannot bring her complaints to the Duke.

Since the moment she informs the Duke that Elysia fired her, she also has to tell him with her own mouth her history of atrocities.

‘Shall I ask the Duke?’

Whether he’s interested or not, whenever the maid changes, it will eventually fall into the Duke’s ears.

If that happens, Duke Valtine could ask Elysia why she fired Fiona.

And if the Duke does, Elysia was willing to tell him the truth without hesitation.

There was no reason for Elysia to be considerate of Fiona.

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