Chapter 16 – Part 1

Elysia felt that her 10-year-old congestion had gone away.

Elysia continued to replay the image of Fiona’s face over and over before she went to bed.

How Fiona struggled to protect the stones she had stacked up. (TN: piling of stones symbolizes a wish for a better future and asking for good luck, either for oneself or for others.)

It was the exact scene with Fiona that Elysia had hoped for.

“Lady Valtine.
Are you listening?”

Allen noticed Elysia was more suited to be a scholar than a wizard.

Elysia was daydreaming of her yesterday’s joy yet answered without pause.

“Of course I am.”

Elysia didn’t forget to show off her smile.

Though she cursed deeply inside, not liking to be called a Valtine.

Allen was unaware of Elysia’s innermost feelings and glanced at Elysia suspiciously before turning to the book again.

“Then, let’s resume.
The number of wizards is decreasing.
A few hundred years ago, if both parents possessed mana, the child born between them would also likely possess the same.”

Elysia knew it well, having studied the history of the continent.

She had had no choice.

Because the majority of written history was about Meldion and magic.

Both in the Empire and beyond the continent, Meldion was a huge part of history.

So whether Elysia liked it or not, there was nothing left in history to know except Meldion and magic.

“If only it wasn’t just about the decline in births, then it wouldn’t be much of an issue.”


“It’s an embarrassing part to teach my lady, but the decrease in the number of wizards is largely attributed to the decline of birth of the wizards, as well due to the mana disease.”

There was no credibility in his words; even if he said he was embarrassed, his expression was blank.

Elysia didn’t want to be sympathetic to Allen, so she didn’t take offense at his attitude.

And in the first place, Allen was in no position to sympathize with Elysia.

“Not knowing the cause and no cure to date, the weakened wizard has no choice but to bide his time until his death.”

Fear filled Allen’s eyes, whose dark circles etched heavily into his face.

‘He’s not going to last long.’

Elysia guessed at the life of her instructor.

Elysia did not think much of her mother’s death, the same as Allen did not think of his.

Allen left the magic tower after being diagnosed with the mana disease and switched professions to an instructor without a thought of resting his days at home.

He was full of pride as a wizard.

And perhaps that was the reason he became an instructor.
Elysia felt Allen had a lingering attachment to his time as a wizard.

Allen continued to explain emotionlessly to the extent that it was unbelievable that he was talking about a disease he was experiencing as if he were only doing his rightful duty as her lecturer.

“There are a lot of signs.
Some died in agony, while others died while they’re still healthy so suddenly without expectancy.

Isabella was one of the former.

And he would probably be the latter.

It was clear from his outer appearance that he was tired, but that was all.

He didn’t experience seizures like Isabella had, and except for his lack of energy, he seemed not to have any difficulties performing everyday tasks.

Would it have been better if Isabella lived and died like Allen?

It was a question no one could answer.

“It seems that the Lady cannot focus today.”

Perhaps it was because of the topic.

Allen commented, rubbing Elysia’s shoulders as if he understood.


‘Wasn’t I able to contain my facial expression?’

Elysia’s mouth stiffened awkwardly.

“So, that’s all for today’s class.”


Allen would travel to the Empire from Selenid territory every week for Elysia’s weekly class.

And for Allen who had to travel far away despite knowing Elysia’s situation, it would be inevitable to get annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” Elysia apologized for her mistake, well aware of Allen’s hard work.

His expression slightly softened at the sight of the daughter of the Duke, who had one of the highest pedigree among the nobles, apologizing to him.

“I’ll come again next week.”

See you next week.”

Allen left Elysia’s room with the promise of next week.

Left alone, Elysia rubbed her eyes to soothe the stiffness she felt.

Her complexion was much better than Allen’s, but hers wasn’t that good either.

Ignoring her condition, Elysia put on her outerwear.

She didn’t forget to shove some candies for Eden in her coat pocket.

She erased the tiredness from her face, allowing only a blank face to remain.

After she completed her preparations, Elysia placed her forehead to the window as she watched Allen leave the mansion.

“He’s gone.”

After waiting long, Allen’s back could be seen as he was greeted by Eddie while he left the mansion.

As if she had been waiting, Elysia turned away from the window and left her room.

Elysia passed the hallways with a narrow stride and came down the stairs.

As she went down to the first floor without momentous delay, she could see the view of an open landscape outside over the main gate.

A serene autumn landscape.

It felt even more lonely with no companion.

Elysia walked past the main gate after feeling sentimental.

And as she walked by, the dry autumn wind blew past her, disturbing her clothing.

There was no time to waste to appreciate the autumn breeze, and Elysia turned to the direction of the annex.


A familiar voice broke Elysia’s stride.


Elysia stopped and turned her head to where the voice was coming from.

And as expected, it was her.
Ariel, running and flapping her arms from a distance.

Elysia was flustered; she hadn’t expected to see her little sister around this hour.

After composing herself, Elysia smiled and briefly observed,

“Don’t run.
You might fall.”

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