As soon as Rizbeth and Elysia entered, the table that the maid used was immediately noticeable.

Come to think of it, the maid that I almost ran into was holding a plate.
I’m not sure if it’s from the same set.

Was there a plate in this room yesterday, too?

I thought I had examined the annex thoroughly, I guess I haven’t.

“Was there a plate in here yesterday?”

“No, the child woke up the day the maid came, so today is the first time he had a proper meal.”

As soon as he responded, Elysia only nodded and called Eden.


After he had eaten, Eden was found sitting on the floor, unlike yesterday.

Seeing that the plate was in front of the door, it was not like he ate properly because he was so enthralled.

As proof of that, Eden was sitting not far from the dining table.

Nevertheless, judging from the fact that he moved toward the front door and ate, his condition seemed to be better than yesterday’s.

“Shall we get you up first?”

Elysia made her voice as soft as possible, then approached Eden and asked.

‘Be kind and be kind.’

He slowly looked at Elysia, and as she thought, Eden’s condition had improved a lot.

Still, he was camped on the floor.

Elysia took a deep breath and crouched down as well, trying for them to see each other eye-to-eye.

If Rachel saw her, she would be shocked.

Elysia thoroughly maintained her image and dignity, even if no one forced her to.

“You devoured everything, you ate it all.”

Elysia saw Eden’s crumbly lips and wiped his mouth with a familiar touch.

She pulled up her sleeve and wiped Eden’s mouth, the action reminding her of Ariel as a child.

When Ariel was younger, she was a messy eater.

And it was Elysia, not Rachel or the other maids, who wiped Ariel’s face each time.

For Elysia, it was during that moment the two of them felt like sisters.

“Are you still dizzy?”

She asked, assuming that his mind is still blank, he might be feeling that way.

In response to her question, Eden blinked.

She heard a noise from behind when Rizbeth, who had been watching the two, quietly closed the door and left.

“I wish we could talk to each other…”

Elysia didn’t expect an answer from Eden and muttered her thoughts in a low voice.

“Turn your face this way.”

Elysia thought it would be impossible to talk to Eden today and forcibly turned his face toward her.

Eden blinked again.

After Elysia grabbed him and turned his face up close, she immediately lowered her head and rummaged through the medicine box.

“I know because I’ve been beaten a lot, but it’s really embarrassing if I apply the medicine to myself.”

Elysia said it with a smile, recalling memories of the past when her stepfather stabbed her hands and left her to apply medicine alone in her room.

It was sad to get beaten, but when I applied the medicine by myself, I often was able to finally release the tears I had been holding back.

Now, time has passed by so much that I don’t know what to say anymore.

“That’s not to say that just because you’re right and taking medicine doesn’t mean you’re happy.”

Elysia smeared the ointment with her calloused hand on Eden’s face gently.

His expression had always been blank, but he frowned for the first time.

“Huh? Does it hurt?”

As Eden raised his eyebrows, Elysia’s face brightened.

Instead of showing concern, her face lit up.


Eden, with his eyes fixed on Elysia, let out a groan.

His vocal cords had no strength because he had not talked for a long time.

The volume of his voice was so low that if Elysia didn’t pay attention well, it would be hard to hear him.


Elysia responded immediately, as if she wanted him to say more.

Eden’s eyelids fluttered at her response filled with anticipation.
His turbid purple eyes suddenly took on a vivid color.

“Ah… sick…”

“Okay, are you sick? Does it hurt?”

Elysia was by no means a sadist.

Unlike a pervert, I wasn’t happy that Eden was in pain, but that I was able to communicate with him for the first time.

“It’s all done now.”

Elysia closed the medicine box with a loud clicking sound, as if she didn’t want to cause any more pain.

“…who are you?”

Eden finally asked her as he watched her put the medicine box aside.

“Who am I? Are you asking me a question now?”

We can finally have a conversation.

Elysia was so happy that she answered Eden’s question with another question.

He shrugged.

Eden looked frightened, like he shouldn’t ask questions.

“Ah… I am Elysia.”


“I am Elysia Valtine, to be exact.
However, I don’t want to be called a Valtine, so just call me Elysia.”

There was a sense of displeasure in Elysia’s answer.
Eden assumed it was because of him and quickly tried to read her expression.

He still seemed frightened as he looked at her.

“Did you say your name is Eden?”

“Y-Yes? Yes…”

Even in the midst of his blank state, even if he seemed to be in haze fog, Eden revealed his name to Elysia.

After he woke up, it was only Elysia who asked for his name.

‘She’s the one.’

With his eyesight clear, Eden gave his all to memorize Elysia’s face.

On the other hand, Elysia’s face was bright.
She did not mask her happiness.

Eden soon came to his senses.

This was a very good sign for Elysia.

‘Now, I just need to make Eden resent the Duke Valtine.’

Elysia wanted the original to continue as it was, but with a little twist.

It is only then will she be able to live, furthermore, together with Ariel, and she will be freed from the grasp of the Duke.


Not knowing Elysia’s thoughts, Eden’s gaze softened and he began to look around.

It was the first time he had looked at the annex properly.

Even if he looked around with a clear sight, it was a place that Eden did not have in his memory.

That said, there was no other memorable scenery.

Not only the scenery, nothing came to his mind.
No, he didn’t even know what to think of it in the first place.

– Your name is Eden.
Remember that.

The cold voice that forced him to give him a name was all that was ingrained in Eden’s mind.

In his mind, Elysia’s face filled the dreary annex and her happy smile was in the center of it.

As the empty space was filled with her, his hollow feeling slightly improved.


When the time had finally come when they could hold a conversation, she found herself having a hard time deciding what to say.

Eden had just come to his senses.
Elysia was well aware of Eden’s condition, so she didn’t want to overstress him.

“Was the food to your liking?”



Eden’s face was like he was just asked in a foreign language.

“You just ate.
The rice.”

Elysia pointed at the plate behind her.
His gaze naturally turned to the table.


Did you eat cheap rice?

But it seems like he ate something with the mess around his mouth.

As if he couldn’t remember properly, Eden hesitated for an answer.

“You do not remember?”

Maybe because he is still recovering, it seems that he ate by instinct.


Suddenly, she heard a gurgling sound from his stomach.
Two pairs of different colored eyes naturally looked at Eden’s stomach.

“Looks like the meal wasn’t enough.”

In fact, he was only provided with water for a week, so he couldn’t fill his hungry stomach with one meal.

She shook her head as if she understood and rose from her seat.

“Are you going to keep sitting there?”

Elysia looked down at Eden and asked.

Eden was still looking at his stomach and slowly stood up.

His movements were a bit slower than others.

When his purple eyes met the red eyes that were looking at him, Eden swallowed.

An unknown fear came over him.

“Wasn’t the floor cold? I only sat on the floor for a short while but I already felt cold.”

Elysia asked, patting her rear.

He felt that something might happen to him at any moment.

Of course, Elysia had no intention of doing anything, but Eden felt that way.

Eden followed suit and got up urgently from where he was seated.
After not moving for a long time, his body cracked and complained of discomfort.

Eden as he tried to stand appeared to noticeably have a hard time, and even to Elysia, he looked unstable.

Elysia didn’t take her eyes off him for a second until he stood properly.

Eden’s precarious movement elicited Elysia’s sympathy.

“Go to the bed and sit there, I’ll bring you some snacks in the evening.”

According to Rizbeth, the shifting of guards is at midnight, so she could still return in the evening.

Even though he was told to go to the bed and sit down, Eden stood still and looked only at Elysia.

Reluctantly, Elysia grabbed Eden’s wrist and dragged him to the bed.

When she pushed his small shoulder down, Eden’s body was pushed onto the bed without a hitch.

“Dinner… Ah?”

He asked Elysia, ignoring the soft sensation touching his backside.

Eden had no memory yet still spoke to her with respect, which just showed his gentle nature.

“Yes, dinner.
I’ll come back when the sun goes down.”

When the sun goes down.

Eden listened to Elysia’s words carefully then hurriedly looked out at the window grate.

The sun cannot be seen, but it was a bright day.

How long would he have to wait for it to get dark outside the window?

His face soon paled as he thought about it with what was left in his blank mind.

“I’ll come back to you tonight.”

As she approached the door, she didn’t look back.

She opened the door as light as a quiet footstep and promised Eden she would return.

The bright light shone in the annex for a short moment, and the door closed immediately, and the gloom took over again.

Eden was left staring at the door with a disappointed face, to be precise, through the door.

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