“The blessings of the Lucky Girl.”



“Instant death magic, right? Does it work against any kind of magical beast?”


Receiving such a question, I suddenly recalled it.


When I first showed the instant death magic, it was during the entrance exam, so I didn’t go into much detail.
It’s incomprehensible without an explanation, that kind of magic.
It’s already a rare kind of magic, like a trick.


“It probably works against any kind of magical beast, I think.
It can probably kill anything living in a single blow, like wild animals or humans.
Of course, I’ve never tried it myself.”


“In a single blow…”


Mil looked clearly astonished and dumbfounded.


I realized it myself after saying it, but it’s quite an amazing magic, isn’t it? Being able to kill anything living in a single blow, it’s the ideal magic for magic users whose livelihood is monster hunting.
It seemed Mil shared the same thought.


“Isn’t that an incredible magic? Why isn’t anyone using it?”


“Because its success rate depends on luck rather than magical power.
And even with a slightly high luck value, it becomes a meaningless magic.
If it only succeeds once every Milion attempts, no one would think of using it in actual combat.”


Indeed, Mulburry-san had never succeeded in using the instant death magic no matter how many times she tried.
Similarly, there were no records of success with other probability-based magic, making them seem completely pointless.


“If Sachi uses it, does the instant death magic become a surefire hit?”


“Yeah, a surefire hit.
There are other magic spells that rely on luck, but I don’t think any of them have ever failed.
Well, it’s probably because of having a ‘luck value of 999’.”


“H-Hold on, a luck value of 999!?”


After revealing the luck value again, Mil shouted in astonishment, causing the gazes of the surrounding customers to shift slightly towards us.
However, Mil didn’t have the composure to be concerned about that and stood frozen, her mouth hanging open.


Is it really that surprising? Maybe not as a magician, but the power I possess has a luck value of 999.
Although it’s considered meaningless for magicians.


But it seemed that Mil’s shock wasn’t about me being a magician, but rather from the perspective of an unlucky girl.


“A…a… Please shake hands with me!”




“Because of my luck value of 0, I’ve had various unfortunate experiences until now.
I’ve tried purification rituals and lucky charms, but none of them worked, and my luck never improved.
But somehow, I feel like I can become lucky if I touch you, Sachi-san!”


Is she treating me like a lucky charm? I don’t want to be included in the category of lucky charms without my consent.
And now that I look closely, Mil’s wrist is adorned with prayer beads and bracelets.
She probably carries other items to boost her luck as well.
When someone becomes as unlucky as her, perhaps they can only rely on divine intervention to solve their problems.
I never imagined she was a fan of lucky charms…


Seeing Mil desperately begging for a handshake, I couldn’t help but smile wryly.


“Well… I don’t want Mil’s misfortune to rub off on me.”


“Don’t say it like I’m a contagious bacteria! Please, I’m begging you, Sachi-san! Please make me happy!”


“Uh, if you say it like that, it sounds different.
Don’t shout while holding both hands out.”

Other customers are starting to glance over here!


After a while, Mil calms down, mutters “I’m sorry,” and straightens up.


She’s such a noisy little Red Riding Hood.


Then, Mil slumps her shoulders heavily and lets out a faint sigh.


“But hearing that you have a luck value of 999 made me understand.
Thanks to that, you can reliably succeed with the instant death magic… It’s just that I’m starting to lose a bit of confidence in myself.”


“Huh? Why?”


“Why? Because having a magician who can defeat any magical beast with a single blow in front of you, wouldn’t anyone lose confidence?”


Hmm, is that how it works? I don’t really understand because I’ve never been in their position.
But even though Mil can use such incredible magic, she shouldn’t get so discouraged just because she asked about the instant death magic.


“As someone with a magical power value of 1, I envy ordinary magicians who can freely use various types of magic.
It’s true that being able to reliably succeed with probability-based magic is powerful, but it’s still inconvenient in many ways.
Moreover, it’s highly questionable whether this power alone can make me a national magician.”


“It’s more than enough talent, I think…”


“You may say that, but I think it’s precarious whether I can become a National Mage with this power.”


“While I may have overwhelming power in combat against magical beasts, being a National Mage requires other abilities as well.”


“I think Mil, who can handle a wide variety of magic with above-average power, has the potential for that.”


“Well, I’m an unlucky girl with a luck value of 0, though.”


“Anyway, for now, all we can do is pray for the entrance exam results and wait.
I hope both of us can pass the entrance exam.
If my luck value does its job, maybe…”


“Huh, does luck value have an effect on things like this too?”


“Well, I just said it casually.”


“But if luck value does affect acceptance or rejection, then it would mean only you pass while I fail.”


“Ultimately, the exam is all about scores, so I don’t think luck value will make a difference.
Probably… I think.”


With a few more casual conversations like that, we concluded our post-exam gathering.



A week has passed since the exam day.


Today is the day of the announcement for the entrance exam results at the Royal Harvest Magic Academy.


Nervously, I welcomed the morning and left my dorm room with determination.


I had made a promise with Mil to go see the results together.


So first, I decided to head to the central district for our meeting.


I’ve heard that it’s better to go alone in times like this rather than with acquaintances.
It would be awkward if one of us passed while the other didn’t.


But we didn’t care about that and agreed to meet at the fountain square in the central district.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mil!”


“Good morning, Sachi-san.”


When I arrived at the fountain square, Mil was already waiting.


She seemed a bit tense, just like me, and appeared a little stiff.


To dispel such timid thoughts from both of us, I raised my voice energetically.


“Alright, it’s the long-awaited day of the acceptance announcement.
Let’s both pass together!”




Mil also joined in and our loud voices echoed in the fountain square in the early morning.


And so, the two of us headed from the fountain square in the central district towards the public district’s Magic Academy.


As we walked along the streets, we saw several people who seemed like exam takers, their faces equally tense.


If we go and check, we’ll find out our acceptance or rejection.
Whether we can pass through the school gate as new students of the Magic Academy in a few weeks.


Thinking that, my footsteps naturally became heavier.


But if we don’t go and check, nothing will start.
With that determination, I stepped into the Magic Academy.


“…That bulletin board.”


When I arrived at the academy, many exam takers had already gathered in the plaza in front of the entrance.


And in the center of the plaza stood a giant bulletin board.


It seemed like the results hadn’t been announced yet, as there was nothing posted on the board.


But just then, four male teachers came out of the school building and walked towards the bulletin board.


They were carrying large cylindrical papers together.


Presumably, the exam numbers of the successful candidates were written on those papers.


The teachers broke through the crowd of exam takers and stood in front of the bulletin board, quickly unfolding the papers and posting them.


The exam takers simultaneously glanced at the papers.


“315… 315…”


Like everyone else, I frantically scanned the bulletin board for my own exam number, ‘315’.


Now, Luck Value 999, please bring me a bright future!








“…There it is.”


My heart skipped a beat.
For a moment, the surrounding noise seemed to fade away.


When my eyes caught sight of my desired number, my chest pounded as if a small explosion had occurred inside me.


“All right… All right… All right!”


I passed.


I passed the entrance exam for the Magic Academy.


I wasn’t lacking in confidence, but when the moment of truth arrived, I couldn’t help feeling anxious.


But I made it through.
Just as expected of an lucky girl like me!


And as soon as I realized I had passed, I immediately turned my gaze to the person next to me.

How about Mil?


“Ah, ahh…”




Mil was trembling, both in her body and voice.


Her gaze was fixed straight on the exam results posted on the bulletin board, her mouth agape 

in astonishment.


Eventually, Mil noticed my gaze and slowly turned to face me, nodding.


“There it is, Sachi-san.”


“Huh, really!?”


“‘117,’ it’s written right here.
I passed…!”


To confirm, I also searched for the number ‘117,’ and indeed, it was written on the paper as the number for successful applicants.


I couldn’t help but shout in excitement and tightly embrace Mile.


And then, both of us shed tears of joy and spun around in that spot for a while.


Both of us passed.


Now we can attend the Magic Academy together.


We were able to take a step towards becoming National Sorcerers together.


“We did it! We did it!”


“Yes! Yes!”


Mulburry-san, I did it.


I got accepted into the Magic Academy.


I will definitely become a National Sorcerer and free the people from the Forest of Atonement.


From now on, my life at the Magic Academy begins.

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