“Entrance Ceremony”



Days have passed since the announcement of the results, and it’s now the day of the entrance ceremony.
Clad in a brand new uniform provided by the academy, I marched off to the ceremony.
Today, I officially become a student of the Royal Harvest Academy of Magical Arts, embarking on the path to become a certified national mage.


To commemorate this fresh start, the training grounds of the academy were adorned with elaborate decorations, indicating a great deal of enthusiasm.
New students who had passed the entrance exams were flocking into the venue, and I decided to follow suit.


It seems that there are no second or third-year students present for the entrance ceremony.
I wonder if they don’t attend these events? Also, there are quite a few teachers here.
I suppose each teacher is assigned to a specific field of study, and we have different teachers for each subject?


Lost in various thoughts and restlessness, I suddenly realized that the entrance ceremony had concluded.
Honestly, I don’t remember much about the proceedings.


“Phew, it’s finally over…”


For now, my impression is that it was quite boring.
I vaguely recall the headmaster or someone similar speaking about academy events and such.
And there was also a female student who seemed like the student council president, right? Was she in her third year, perhaps?


Setting that aside, I must gather my determination from now on.
It’s time for class assignments.

I hope I can be in the same class as Mil.
Well, with a total of six classes, it might not go as smoothly as I’d like, though.


“Oh, I’m in Class A.”


“Ah, me too.”


The results were surprisingly straightforward.
I’m in Class A, just as I had hoped.
Mil is also in Class A.
It’s unfolding exactly as I wished.


After the entrance ceremony, as we returned from the training grounds to the main building, students would pass through the academy’s entrance where a massive bulletin board displayed the class assignments.
I quickly found my name on the list.


“I’m glad I have someone I know in my class.
Let’s get along from now on.”


“Yes, I feel the same way.
Nice to meet you.”


I felt like it was going to be an enjoyable school life.
And when I entered the classroom, to my surprise, I found myself assigned to the backseat by the window.
And next to me was Mil.


It couldn’t have been a more perfect arrangement.


I couldn’t help but think that I was being showered with an abundance of divine favor.
And as if to further illuminate this series of good fortune…


“I’ll be in charge of Class A this year.
It’s been a while since I saw the students from the preliminary entrance exam,” said Miss.
Lezan Herve, our homeroom teacher.


“…You’re the examiner from back then,” I thought.


The person who became our homeroom teacher was the same examiner who helped us during the exam.
Knowing that I had someone familiar again, I felt even more at ease.
We only had a brief conversation, but the examiner seemed very kind-hearted.
I’m sure they’ll be a great teacher.


As I leisurely listened to Ms.
Lezan’s explanation from my seat at the back by the window, I suddenly heard whispers from around me.


“Hey, look at those two by the window.”


“They don’t have family crests.
Could they be commoners?”


“Why are they even in a magic academy?”


Such words could be heard here and there.
My classmates seemed overly concerned about me and Mil.
I guess it’s unusual to be commoners here?


Well, that makes sense.
It’s quite out of place for mere commoners, who are said to lack magical talent, to be in the world’s finest mage training institution.
Moreover, when I checked around during the entrance ceremony, everyone except Mil and me had a “family crest” pinned to their uniform.


This magic academy is overflowing with nobles.
In the midst of that, it must be quite conspicuous for Mil and me, plain commoners without any family crests.


But, is one’s background really that important? Is it so crucial to one’s school life?


I was born into a prestigious family of mages, but I have no desire whatsoever to reclaim that name now.


Come to think of it, those spoiled noble kids who bothered us during the exam weren’t present at the entrance ceremony.
They probably failed.


“Now, let’s move on to the explanation about the student dormitories.
You should already know this, but the three-story building right next to the academy is our main student dormitory.
You’ll be assigned roommates and live together in pairs, so I hope you’ll foster good relationships,” Ms.
Lezan continued.


As I listened to that explanation, it suddenly came to my mind.
Right next to the academy, there were two beautifully designed buildings with a predominantly white color.
It seemed to be a considerably large facility, and I vaguely recall them mentioning it during the orientation, but I don’t remember much.


“We have already made the room assignments beforehand.
Generally, you’ll be sharing a room with classmates from the same class.
I’ll post the details on the board in front, so please check it later,” Ms.
Lezan concluded.


After that, we went through self-introductions with our classmates, and the day ended early.

And now, it was evening.


The dormitories of the Royal Harvest Academy of Magical Arts were arranged side by side, with the boys’ dormitory closer to the academy and the girls’ dormitory further inside.
Naturally, unless there was a specific reason, entry into the opposite gender’s dormitory was prohibited.
So, I would never have the chance to peek into the boys’ dormitory.


With such thoughts in mind, I crossed in front of the boys’ dormitory and headed towards the girls’ dormitory.
Upon entering the dormitory, I started walking along the first-floor corridor to reach my assigned room.


The student dormitory was a three-story building, with the first floor for first-year students, the second floor for second-year students, and the third floor for third-year students.
Each floor had its own cafeteria and large communal bath, so there were hardly any opportunities to interact with students from other years within the dormitory.


As expected, the roommate I would interact with the most


“I’m Sachiko.
Nice to meet you from today.
Um, may I ask for your name?”


“…Um, why are you saying that now?”


My roommate gave me a clear look of exasperation.


Did I do something strange? I thought I just greeted them normally.


…Well, I’ll drop the act here.


“I already know your name and face very well, so why do we need introductions now?”


“Well, I thought that when you become roommates with someone you’ve never met before, you would greet them like this.
The first impression is important, you know.
Anyway, nice to meet you again, Mil.”


“Yes, nice to meet you too.”


My roommate, Mireille Glass-chan, nodded in agreement.


We were in the same class, sat close to each other, and now we ended up sharing a dorm room.
It seemed too intentional to be a coincidence.


I had hoped for this to happen, but I never thought my wish would actually come true.

Well, rather than intentional, it’s more like…


“Talk about lucky.
I never expected us to end up sharing a room in the student dorms.”


“Does luck really have anything to do with this?”


“Hmm, probably?”


People with high luck tend to experience good things in their daily lives.
They find money on the street more often, have fewer accidents or injuries, or are unusually good at gambling.


So I believe that luck played a role in our class and room assignments as well.


After all, my luck stat is at its maximum value of 999.


If this had nothing to do with luck, it would be more unnatural.
You can’t underestimate luck.
Those who have luck on their side are the strongest in this world!


“If this happened thanks to Sachiko’s luck, does that mean you’ve covered up my luck stat of 0?”


“Huh, why?”


“Because I’m also very happy right now.”


“…I see.”


Caught off guard by her sudden smile, my cheeks grew warm.


Damn it, she said something nice.
It makes me happy.


If luck played a role in our class and room assignments, then Mill should have undoubtedly ended up in an unlucky situation.


But the fact that she’s now so happy means that my luck has consumed her misfortune.
I can’t assert it without any evidence, though.


“Well, regardless, there’s no denying that this is a convenient turn of events for me.
My roommate is Mil, the room is nice, and our homeroom teacher is that examiner too.
Everything seems to be off to a good start.
Although, I do feel some curious gazes from the people around.”


“Oh, well, commoners are quite rare here, you know.
And I heard that it’s been about five years since a non-noble commoner enrolled in the magic academy.”


Oh, I see.


That explains why we’re attracting attention.


So, in this magic academy, besides the second and third years, Mill and I are the only commoners.
It’s quite impressive that everyone else comes from well-known families.


It seems that magical talent is most influenced by bloodline after all.


Then why is my magical power so weak?


Even though I’m supposed to be the daughter of the prestigious Gracier family, known for their magicians.


While silently lamenting my own talent, I raise my spirits as I enter the sight of the dorm room.
I toss my belongings aside and run around the room with excitement.


And as I notice the giant beds placed on both sides of the room, I shout, “Woohoo!” and dive into one of them.


It’s so incredibly soft! The comfort level is amazing! Jackets and socks are just in the way!




“Hey, Sachiko! Don’t just toss your clothes around like that!”


Nonchalantly taking off my jacket and socks, Mill scolds me with an exasperated tone.


She picks them up and hangs the jacket on a hanger, while neatly folding the socks.


As I watch her doing so while lying on the bed, a thought crosses my mind.


“By any chance, Mill, are you someone who gets bothered if your socks are different for each foot, or if the door is left wide open, or if clothes are inside out in the laundry basket?”


“Well, doesn’t that bother everyone?”




It seems that Mill and I have slightly different values.


Or rather, it might become a crack in our relationship, living together or sharing a room like this.
Realizing this, Mill gives me a skeptical look.


“On that note, may I ask you a question too, Sachiko? Are you perhaps an easygoing person?”


“Well, how rude.
Even though I’m quite organized.
I was actually praised by my former master for being a genius at throwing socks into the laundry basket perfectly from the entrance of my house.”


“…I think I get the idea now.”


While narrowing her eyes in further exasperation, Mill starts collecting the items I threw around.
Then she checks the storage in the room and begins tidying up my belongings.


“Clothes and accessories will go on this shelf.
Small consumables will be stored in the adjacent compartment.
Please remember where everything goes.”


“Yes, got it.”


“This feeling is nostalgic, isn’t it?


I remember being scolded by Mrs.
Mulberry a lot when I lived in the forest house.


Hmm, so in the House of Penitents, it’s like Mrs.
Mulberry was my mother…


“In this dorm room, does that mean Mill is my mother?”


“Who’s your mother?”


Mil gave me a stern look at that moment…


Suddenly, the sound of a bell echoed through the dormitory corridor.


Ding, ding, ding, three times.
I quickly sat up in bed, realizing that it was the signal for dinner.


“Oh, isn’t it dinner time? Come to think of it, I’m starving.
Let’s go!”


“Just wait, Sachiko-san! We should tidy up the room first…”


“I’ll do it later.”


Rushing out of the dorm room, I was followed by Mil, who hurried to catch up with me.


As we followed our hunger and hurried to the dining hall, a delightful aroma wafted through the hallway.


The dormitory residents had already gathered, holding their dinners and taking their seats.
We quickly prepared to eat as well.


That evening’s dinner consisted of soft, fragrant bread and a hearty stew.


After dinner, it was time for bathing.


The large bath was divided into time slots for each class, and Class A was the first on the schedule.


Once we finished bathing, there was a short period of free time before bedtime.


During that free time, I ended up making a mess in the room again, and Mil reluctantly cleaned it up for me.


“Having the same roommates might have been unfortunate…”


“Oh, come on, don’t say that.
Let’s get along from now on, Mil, my mother.”


“Who’s your mother, I said!”


And so, our enjoyable cohabitation in the dormitory began from that day onward.


The next day arrived.


Today marks the beginning of the official classes at the Magic Academy.


We’re supposed to start with a review of the basics of magic.


However, I heard that we will quickly transition to practical classes starting from the second semester, so we can’t afford to be complacent.


Since the incoming students have already overcome the challenging entrance exams, it’s assumed that we already possess the fundamental knowledge.


Indeed, everything we did on the first day of class was simply a recap of what Mrs.
Mulberry had taught us earlier.


Well, it’s understandable for the first day.


I’ve heard that the Magic Academy places a lot of emphasis on practical achievements, so the real challenges will probably start appearing soon.


For now, it might be best to focus on getting accustomed to campus life.


With that in mind, I tried to strike up a conversation with the people around me to fit in with the class.
However, I lacked the courage, and before I knew it, the last class of the day had ended.


I’m such a pushover…


“Now, with that, we conclude the first day of classes.
But before we finish, there’s something very important I want to tell all of you.”


As Professor Lezan spoke with a slightly more serious tone, the classroom fell into silence.

Everyone listened attentively, wondering what it could be.


“At the Royal Harvest Magic Academy, we receive numerous requests for slaying magical beasts.
These requests are known as ‘Academy Quests.’ By accepting and completing these quests, students receive ‘Slaying Points,’ which are added to their grades.”


“Academy Quests?”


While I had no recollection of this, the people around me seemed to understand and nodded in agreement.


Perhaps it’s a well-known concept among those who are familiar with the Magic Academy?


So, Academy Quests are the tasks given to students to slay magical beasts, which are typically handled by national sorcerers?


If it’s training in preparation for becoming a national sorcerer and slaying magical beasts in the future, it certainly makes sense.


“Even the national sorcerers you aspire to become participate in quests and slay magical beasts.
Just like them, we want you to defeat dangerous magical beasts for the sake of public safety.
Furthermore, completing these quests comes with rewards, so I urge you to give it your best effort.”


With Professor Lezan’s explanation, the class became slightly more lively.


Indeed, that’s something to get excited about.


While those around me may not be in need of money, coming from noble families, the prospect of earning their own money must be invigorating since they likely have little experience with it.
After all, it means being able to perform tasks similar to those of a national sorcerer.


“While rewards are certainly important, I want you to remember that achieving high grades is even more significant.
‘Academic Points’ gained through written exams and research presentations are also crucial for your grades, but here at the Magic Academy, ‘Slaying Points’ achieved through quest completion are particularly emphasized.”


Slaying Points.
It’s been mentioned a few times already.


Completing these Academy Quests apparently allows you to earn them, but are they really that important?


As I nodded in response to my own question, Professor Lezan delivered a shocking revelation.


“Those who do not meet a certain level of achievement will not be able to take the task exams or advance to the next grade and will face ‘expulsion.’ Be mindful of the target points for both Slaying Points and Academic Points.
Therefore, I hope you all strive to complete as many Academy Quests as possible during your free time and holidays, and successfully advance to your second year.”


Silence fell upon the class that had been buzzing moments ago.


It’s no wonder.
We’ve just heard such a serious term as “expulsion” on the very first day of class.


Those who fail to achieve the required level and cannot take the task exams or advance will be immediately expelled.


Of course, failing the exams is also out of the question.


That’s the meritocratic education system of the world’s most prestigious Magic Academy for you.


Suddenly, a sense of tension overwhelmed me.


“Starting today, the reception for first-year student quests should be open, so I suggest you visit it after school.
It’s located in the central corridor on the first floor.”


With that, Professor Lezan concluded his explanation, and it was time for the pre-departure cleaning period.


As everyone prepared for it, I whispered secretly to Mil, who sat next to me.


“Let’s go check out the quest reception after school.”


“Yes, understood.”


Mil and I decided to visit the quest reception after school.

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