Chapter 16: Body Enhancement Magic.

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For now, I decided to settle the subjugation request I received together with Mil.


We left the academy and, once again, confirmed the details of the request in front of the school gate.


“It’s a ‘Subjugation of Shuka, the Crow of Smoky Rock Mountain.’ What kind of magical beast is this Shuka?”


“It’s a black bird magical beast.
It has horns as a characteristic, and while it’s not highly aggressive, it has a habit of swiftly snatching away items humans possess.”


“I see…”


Certainly, we have to subjugate it.
However, it seems that it won’t be a very challenging request since its aggression isn’t that high.


By the way, the reward amount on the request form was ‘500 Ruts,’ and the difficulty level was listed as ‘F.’ F is probably the lowest difficulty, so we don’t have to be too tense.
It should be alright.


“So, where is Smoky Rock Mountain? I have no idea about this area.”


“If I remember correctly, it’s the mountain visible on the northeast side of the capital.”


I followed Mil’s pointing gaze and indeed saw a large shadow of a mountain in the distance.


I can’t see the details from here, but it’s probably covered in rough rocky terrain.


And is there something smoky? A white smoke seems to be covering the mountain like clothing.


“There are numerous small holes in the ground of the mountain, from which smoke regularly erupts.
That smoke covering the mountain is said to be the cause.”


“I see, so that’s why it’s called ‘Smoky Rock Mountain.'”


Understanding the origin of the name again, I let out an impressed voice.


“The smoke emitted by the mountain is usually harmless white smoke, but occasionally colored smoke comes out, which seems to be toxic.
Please be careful.”


“So, white smoke is fine, but anything other than that should be avoided, right?”


Toxic, huh?


I don’t know the specific symptoms it causes, but for now, I’ll pay close attention to the smoke with colors.
Well, even if I get poisoned, I can treat it with magic.


“By the way, we’re going to that mountain now, right?”


“Huh? Well, yes.
That’s the nature of the request.
Is there something wrong with that?”


“I mean, if we just walk there normally, we’ll definitely end up returning in the middle of the night.”


As I gazed at Smoky Rock Mountain in the distance, I muttered.


Mil, who also looked towards the mountain, let out a voice of understanding, saying, “Ah.”


Because you could tell just by looking.
It’s ridiculously far from here to that mountain.


Even if we use a carriage for the round trip, it would take at least three hours just for the travel time, right?


It seems we have to pass through a dense forest on the way to the mountain, and we can’t avoid fighting the magical beasts either.


Depending on the progress of the request, there’s a possibility that we might end up staying until the next morning.


How should we bridge this distance?


“Do you have a flying magic carpet or something?”


“Don’t expect something out of this world all of a sudden.”


Mil narrowed her jade-like eyes with an exasperated expression.


Well, I heard that Mil’s father was an artisan of magical tools.


I thought he might have one or two useful gadgets.


Mil’s father apparently independently crafted tools and making a small gadget was the best he could do, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he accidentally created something extraordinary.


“There’s no helping it then.
Let’s use magic to travel.
We should avoid consuming magical energy before the battle with the magical beasts, but given the circumstances…”


“Yeah, well, that’s probably how it goes.
It seems like everyone else uses magic to travel.
After all, it’s impossible to complete a subjugation request in the short time after school hours.”


It appears that everyone covers the time constraint with magic.


If that’s the case, then we have no choice but to do the same.


High-speed travel using magic.


Most of them use the “Body Enhancement Magic” technique called [Limit Break of Superhuman Experience] to increase their leg strength and endurance, enabling physical high-speed movement.


There don’t seem to be any first-year students using spatial transportation magic.


The teleportation magic [Interstellar Crossing Between Stars] can only go to places they have visited before, and the farther they want to go, the more intense the magical energy consumption becomes.


Moreover, if one has a low magic power value, they can’t travel very far at all.


Becoming able to freely move using teleportation magic will probably be a story for a little further down the line.


Mulberry-san frequently moved swiftly through the forest using teleportation magic, but apparently, that was quite an impressive feat.


In a way, I can do something similar, but then I would have to leave Mil behind.


So, like other students, I decided to use body enhancement magic.


“Oh, but what about Sachi?”


“Huh? What about me?”


“You mentioned having a magic power value of 1, right? With that, you can’t use ‘Body Enhancement Magic’ or ‘Teleportation Magic’…”


Mil, who already knew my magical power level, looked at me with a worried expression.


In response to her, I proudly declared, “I can use body enhancement magic, you know.”




“It’s true, really.
It’s a bit different from what other people use, but watch closely.”


As soon as I said that, I began to chant.


“【The time of awakening has come—Inner monstrous strength—Become the key that pierces through adversity】”


This was the body enhancement magic granted only to me…


“【Foolhardy Might of the Inferno】”


At the moment of activation, my entire body was enveloped in a deep crimson glow.


Suddenly, my body felt as light as a feather, and strength surged from every joint.


Realizing this, I made eye contact with Mil as if to say, “Watch this,” and focused all my strength into my legs.


“On your mark!”


With a powerful kick against the ground, I leaped into the air.


In an instant, my body soared to an unbelievable height, leaving Mil with wide-open eyes.


A vertical jump that easily cleared a two-story building—an extraordinary feat.


Furthermore, I soared over the large school building, ultimately reaching a high point where I could overlook the royal capital.


After landing gracefully, I turned towards Mil with a triumphant smile, as if to say, “Told you so.”


“With this, I can move swiftly like the others.
It may be a bit different from regular body enhancement magic, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“…,” Mil murmured with her eyes still wide open, her voice barely audible.


“I-I don’t think it’s just fine.
In fact, I believe it’s far more powerful than regular body enhancement magic.”


“Huh? Isn’t this what everyone can do?”


Since this is the only spell I can use, I don’t really notice much of a difference.


How is it different from other body enhancement magic?


Is the one I’m using really that powerful?


“Even if a highly skilled mage with a magic power level exceeding 200 were to use body enhancement magic, they wouldn’t be able to jump to such high places.
What kind of magic did you use, Sachi-san?”


“It’s called ‘Foolhardy Might of the Inferno,’ a magic that has a probability of about once in ten thousand uses to greatly enhance the physical abilities of the user.
I learned that.
Similar to instant-death magic, the success rate depends on the user’s luck value, so if I use it, it’s guaranteed to succeed.”


“…Another probability-based magic, huh?”


Mil stared at me in astonishment, her jade eyes wide open.


Seeing her speechless, I further explained, “But well, when it fails, it seems that the physical abilities decrease significantly.
So, it’s still a flawed magic.
I’ve never failed, so I don’t know how much weaker I would become.”


“Could it be that in exchange for the possibility of failure, it provides effects surpassing regular body enhancement magic when successful?”


“Well, probably…?”


Honestly, as someone who uses it, I don’t see any difference from other body enhancement magic.
It succeeds reliably, and the effects are outstanding.


Look, just like this…


“I can easily lift you up, Mil.
Up, up we go!”


“Wait, scary! It’s not just high, it’s way too high!”


I threw Mil high up into the air and gently caught her as she descended.


With this kind of incredible strength, there shouldn’t be any problems.


But seriously, Mil is so slender and light.


“Well, anyway, you don’t have to worry about me, Mil.
It’s safe for you to use body enhancement magic too.
If we dawdle, the day will end, so let’s hurry to the mountain.”




Mil, looking completely exhausted even before the monster subjugation request, enhanced her body using regular body enhancement magic.


Seeing her finish, I took hold of Mil’s hand and dashed towards the eastern gate of the royal capital.

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