Chapter 29: Mil’s Dilemma as a Scholarship Student


A bench in the corner of the courtyard.


This place, with poor sunlight and a dim atmosphere, is hardly used by anyone at any time of the day.


Therefore, when they want to avoid having meals in the cafeteria, Sachiko and Mil often make effective use of this spot.


And today, once again attracting attention from the surrounding students, Sachiko and Mil arrived at the courtyard bench, trying to avoid being seen.


However, it was Mil who was being noticed today, not Sachiko, so her face appeared somewhat gloomy.


Without even taking a bite of the pastry she bought from the cafeteria, Mil was silently gazing ahead and letting out small sighs.


In contrast, Sachiko was munching on her bread, nodding in understanding.


“I understand what you meant, Mil.
You couldn’t genuinely be happy because you knew that becoming a scholarship student would undoubtedly draw resentment from other students.”




The moment she received the news about being scholarship students in the faculty office, Mil had anticipated this outcome.


She couldn’t help but think that she should have declined, but she couldn’t bring herself to shake her head as the teachers persuaded her convincingly.


Mil despised her own cowardice.


Above all, she couldn’t ignore the significant benefit of having her tuition substantially waived.
She took on the role, hoping that it would contribute even a little to her sick mother’s medical expenses.


She still doesn’t think that her choice was a mistake.


But she doesn’t think it was a perfect solution either.


“These nobles who are supposed to excel in magical talent, feeling unsatisfied that they are being outperformed by a commoner girl in academics and even losing the honorable title of a scholarship student… They really have a remarkable sense of pride.”


“Nevertheless, I still believe that this title is an overwhelming evaluation that I don’t deserve.”


To the point where she felt it would have been more appropriate for someone else to receive it.


There should be more outstanding students than herself.


Yet, she, who was chosen as a scholarship student based solely on her magical aptitude value, still doesn’t fully realize it.


With the negative label of being a commoner-born and a lack of consensus from her surroundings, many voices of dissent can be heard.


“You don’t have to pay attention to what those others say.
It’s Mil who was chosen as a scholarship student, no matter what anyone else says.
You should proudly embrace it.
I knew from the beginning that you were an amazing person, and I think this recognition is well-deserved.”




Perhaps her anxious emotions were visible, as Sachiko comforted her while munching on her bread.


However, her feelings still wouldn’t brighten up.


She couldn’t help but feel that it was absurd for someone as timid as herself to be chosen as a scholarship student in the Magic Academy.


If someone were to become a scholarship student, there should be more suitable candidates…


“Huh? What’s wrong?”


“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”


While stealing a glance at Sachiko, who was chewing on her pastry, Mil quickly averted her gaze and nibbled on her own bread, trying to deceive herself.


She knew of someone who was much stronger, courageous, and deserving of being chosen as a scholarship student than herself.


Yet, that person receives ridicule from other students and is looked down upon simply because her magical aptitude value is 1.


It’s frustrating to see such a talented person being overlooked and made a laughingstock.


Sachiko Malmurard, in this academy, and perhaps among magicians worldwide, could easily be touted as “the strongest.”


Doesn’t Sachiko feel frustrated?


Doesn’t she harbor any discontent about the unfair evaluation and being ridiculed in the current situation?


As Mil pondered about asking her, a voice came from a different direction before she had a chance to speak.


“Hmm, who are you two?”




When I turned to the source of the voice, there stood Lezan Elve, with long flowing purple hair and distinctive black glasses.


Sachiko, who was munching on her pastry, quickly swallowed and raised her hand to greet Lezan, who was their homeroom teacher.


“Oh, Sensei, what are you doing in a place like this?”


“Sometimes I have lunch here too.
The cafeteria was crowded today, so I decided to come here after a long time.”


It turned out that Lezan also made effective use of this bench, which made me feel a slight sense of familiarity.
Sachiko and I shifted a little to the side, as if offering the bench to Lezan, who seemed hesitant to sit down and leave.


However, Sachiko persistently urged her with a “please, please” gesture, so she reluctantly took a seat.


She held a pastry, presumably bought from the cafeteria, in one hand and quickly ate it.


Even though they were eating the same thing, there was an elegance in Lezan’s manner that could be sensed.


Sitting on the bench, with the school courtyard as the backdrop, she took small bites of her bread.
It seemed like a scene that could be used as an advertisement for a bakery.


As I was captivated by the scenery, Lezan, who had finished eating without me noticing, turned towards me.


“By the way, I forgot to mention earlier.
Congratulations again, Miltie Glasse, on becoming a scholarship student.
It makes me proud to have one of my assigned students chosen as a scholarship student.”


“Oh, no, it’s not really…”


I felt a great sense of discomfort being praised when I hadn’t really done anything.


While scratching my cheek with a frustrating feeling, Sachiko, who was left out, raised her hand with an annoyed expression.


“Hey, Sensei, what about me?”


“Sachiko-kun, I am convinced that you are also one of the students I can proudly boast about.
The magical aptitude test may have been tough for you, but the magical aptitude value is only an indicator of talent.
True strength can only be seen in practical combat.
Let those who want to laugh, laugh.”


I wanted to enthusiastically agree with that opinion.


Indeed, true strength can only be demonstrated in practical combat.


When it came to Sachiko’s abilities, it was exactly the case.
The measurement of magical aptitude alone couldn’t gauge everything.


Let those who want to laugh, laugh.
How good would it have been if I could have said that to Sachiko? I regretted it a little.


“If it escalates to bullying, I will immediately intervene, so you don’t have to worry.
Besides, the final exams will start soon.
It’s an examination where only those with true magical talent will survive, and the rest will be eliminated.
You just have to showcase your true abilities there.”


“Oh, Sensei, you’re saying something good!”


I thought it was a teacher-like opinion fitting for a merit-based magic academy.


Sachiko also seemed to resonate with that opinion, smiling with a very happy expression.


True abilities will inevitably be revealed in exams.


Sachiko’s true prowess will be displayed there, and unlike the mock battle with Kaien, it will be witnessed by a larger number of students.


The unfair evaluation she received will surely be resolved with time.


“By the way, Miltie-kun, I have one piece of information for you.”




“Do you have any plans after school today?”


Upon being asked, I inadvertently let out a sound of surprise.


Then I glanced at Sachiko, and my mouth opened and closed in a fluster.


We always had a promise to go home together after school.


Even when we received school requests, we always discussed and decided together.
We always spent our afternoons together.


But today, for the first time, it seemed like I might have a plan that doesn’t involve Sachiko.


Without saying anything, Sachiko nodded, indicating, “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about me.”


With just that, I understood that she was telling me, “You don’t have to worry about me.”


“Well, there’s, uh, nothing really…”


“I see.
In that case, come to the headmaster’s office as soon as classes end.
The headmaster personally wants to talk to you about something.”


“The, the headmaster…?”


The head of the Royal Harvest Magic Academy.


One of the great figures who could become a leading candidate among the most influential people in the world of magicians.


To think that such an incredible person personally wanted to talk to me.


Upon hearing that, I instantly broke out in nervous sweat.

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