Chapter 01: Hated by the class


Juvenile Hypertrophy.

Because of this strange disease, I, Ruka Yamamoto, already weighed over 130 kilograms in my first year of high school.

This disease causes fat to bloat as it absorbs water.

My face and hands were swollen like cream buns, so people on the street were afraid to look at me and kept their distance from me.

There were also those who looked at me and either laughed or sneered.

People also used to take photos and videos of me without permission and made them public on sites such as TikTock.

Maybe that was why, at some point, people started hurling abusive language at me, even though I didn’t even know them.

Apparently, being fat and ugly is a great sin in itself.

If such a strange creature were to be in a closed space such as a classroom at school, it was only natural that it would be bullied as soon as it entered the school…

“Hey, Pig! Hurry up and run to the store and buy me something~!”

“Hahaha! So funny! ww.”

“If you don’t get it in three minutes, I’m not giving you your money back!”

At the back of the classroom, I was made to do errands, as always.

As you might have guessed, Pig was my nickname.

That said, a Yankee boy and his two cronies, two gals, stomping on my head, mocked me.

I begged desperately for forgiveness, even though I knew it wouldn’t change the outcome.

“T-three minutes… no way… No matter whoever runs, it’s going to be more than 5 minutes—”

“Shut up! It’s a special training, you know! Since you’re always failing the marathon in PE!”

That’s because I weigh over 130 kilograms.

Compared to everyone else, it’s like living with an extra 70 kilograms of weight on your body at all times.(E/N: It’s connected to his disease, It will be explained in future chaps.)

But I always manage to finish the marathon till the end.

When I finish though, I always collapse and am left outside because I can’t even be carried to the infirmary due to my weight.

“Special training~! Ryu-chan, that’s so kind! Kyahaha! ww.”

“Now hurry up! If you don’t come back soon, class will start!”

“You’re fat, it’ll probably be faster if you roll~! ww”

They always force this kind of errand on me just before the class starts.

So I had no choice but to run, struggling to move my heavy body so that I could at least make it to class in time.

As always, I managed to get back just in time for class to start, but I doubt I will ever get the money back that I paid for them.

(Haah, I’ll have to work extra at my part-time job again…)

Thinking, I sat in my seat before class started, unable to breathe properly after running.

“hah… hah…”

“Hey, Pig! Get your seat away from me!”

“Sorry… but I’m seated next to you in case you… hah… hah…”

“And what’s with you breathing so hard, It’s gross!”

“I’m sorry… I was just running earlier…”

“Haa~ Seriously, this is the worst.
I wish they would hurry up and switch seats~ I want the seat farthest away from this pig!”

“Haa-haa… sorry…”

Miyashita-san, seated next to me, is like this every day.

Well, it’s usually the same response no matter who is next to me.

That’s because people hate to be around someone like me.


(Today was just like any other day…)

After school, I was toddling home alone, thinking about that.

Every day is like h**l, but I have to keep going, since I have a very big heart.

“Ah! Hey!”

Hearing a familiar cheerful voice from behind, I turned around with a smile.

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