Chapter 16: The Promise I Made to the Literature Club (Part 1)


“Ehh? Yamamoto-kun, you’re going to America for a year?”

— After School, Literature Club.

After dropping Chieri off at home, I came to the club room and told the three seniors about the clinical trial that Renji-san told me of.

Ajiro-senpai was so surprised that she dropped the teapot in which she had just poured the tea from her hand, and so I hurriedly caught it, but right after that, she then turned the cup over, finally spilling it this time.

“Ahh! Yamamoto’s tea again!”

“A two-step strategy that leaves no room for error.  Ajiro-shi, you have done it.
You are as clever as Kongming Zhu-ge Liang.”

“Damn, I guess I couldn’t change the future of Ajiro-kun spilling tea again.
I have to go back to the past once more…!”

Yoshino-senpai and Takamine-senpai made light talk at the familiar sight.

“I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry~”

Ajiro-senpai bent down half-crying and started wiping the tea off the floor with a rag.

School just ended, and Ajiro Senpai’s shirt was loose, so it was a very dangerous sight.

I was careful not to look at it, and I helped wipe up the spilled tea with a rag too.

“I’m also curious about Yamamoto’s story, but for now, I guess I can wait until after the tea is brewed again.”

“Right, you two.
Wash the rags again and fetch water for the kettle.”

“Yes~, Yamamoto-kun.
I’m sorry I made you go out with me again.
Uuu, I’m a failure as a senior…”

“No, no, no! It’s my fault for surprising you too!”

As I tried to follow behind Ajiro-senpai, Yoshino-senpai and Leader Takamine approached me and whispered stealthily.

“Yamamoto-dono, Ajiro-shi doesn’t have a boyfriend.
Now is the perfect time to attack!”

“W-what are you saying? How can Ajiro-senpai be with m…?”

“Don’t worry, Yamamoto.
Ajiro-kun was in a good mood after the last time you went to fetch water together with her! You have a chance!”

“Well, there’s a reason for that—”

“Yamamoto-kun~? What’s wrong~?”

Ajiro-senpai looked back at me curiously as she called me.

“No, I wasn’t rushing him, I was just telling Yamamoto that he can go slowly!”

“Yes, we can only wait for good news! The two of you can go and have a chat!”

With that said, the two of them slap me on the shoulder as they fool around.

Ajiro-senpai asked me out with a smile after tilting her head slightly.

“Ye~s! Well then, Yamamoto-kun, let’s go!”


While being strangely conscious because of the two of them, I headed for the sink with Ajiro-senpai, just as I had done the last time.

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