Chapter 17: The Promise I Made to the Literature Club (Part 2)


After washing the rag and filling the kettle with water, Ajiro-senpai and I walked down the corridor to return to the club room.

“Haha, I was really surprised… suddenly hearing that you’re going to America for a year…”

“I’m sorry.
It was a sudden decision for me too…”

“But you should definitely go if you can treat that disease!”

At that time, Ajiro-senpai clapped her hands as if she remembered something.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Yamamoto-kun! I forgot something in the classroom, so I’m going to take a detour… but will you come with me for a bit to get it?”

“Yes, I don’t mind!”

“Haha, I hope my clumsiness will be a little better by the time Yamamoto-kun comes back from America.”

We entered Ajiro-senpai’s classroom while having such a conversation.

Ajiro-senpai opens her locker and takes out her handbag.

“Yamamoto-kun, if you need to talk to me about anything, just let me know! We are, you see, friends who share a secret!”

“Thank you.
But I’m not really in trouble, so I’m fine.”

“Nothing really… Oh! Even about money! I make a lot of money, you know!”

Saying that Ajiro-senpai puffed out her chest with some confidence.


I was afraid that my eyes would be drawn to her ample bosom again, and seemed like I worried unnecessarily.

“A-Ajiro-senpai… just in case I was wondering, the money you’re earning isn’t from anything dangerous, right…?”

“Ah, t-that’s not it! But perhaps… if it’s you, then maybe I can tell.
That must be fine, right?”

Ajiro-senpai blushed as she asked herself, and took out several thin books from the handbag she had just taken out.

“Ehehe, actually, I’ve been a doujinshi artist since I was in middle school… and at first I wasn’t able to at all… but now I’m selling quite a bit!”

“Doujinshi… awesome, you can draw comics!”

“Thank you! I’m so glad! I thought if it was Yamamoto, you wouldn’t pull it off! I’ll give you a copy of each of these!”

I gulped when I saw the cover of the shiny book she handed me.

“Umm… they’re all about sisters, or rather… siblings, aren’t they?”

“Yeah! I love cute little sisters! Oh, I don’t have a sister this cute in real life, so I’m just having fun with my fantasy like this!”

“… By the way, content-wise?”

“Sometimes the older brother is forceful, and sometimes the younger sister is.
W-wait, maybe some of them are a little eccentric.
I mean, isn’t it nice to have a moment when siblings cross the line?”

Ajiro-senpai blushed as she smirks, “Uhehe.”

This is bad.

If my sister Saika sees me with such a thing, I am sure that she will not listen to me for the rest of her life.

I’m sorry, but I must refuse to accept it.

“Excuse me, Ajiro-senpai.
The thing is—”

I guess she sensed something because I started with an apology.

Ajiro-senpai began to shed tears, just like sometime ago.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s weird, isn’t it, drawing this kind of… doujinshi about siblings and getting excited over it… I thought Yamamoto-kun would be gentle enough to handle it, but there’s a limit… I’m really sorry, I won’t talk about this anymore—”

“No, wait, that’s not it! ‘Excuse me, but I want more!’ I was going to say that.
Because I think it’s a wonderful book.”

I swerved as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

How could I refuse her after seeing that expression of hers?

I really think her work is great and… Well, I just have to hide it so Saika doesn’t find it I guess.

Hearing my words, Ajiro-senpai’s smile was wide open, like a wilted flower opening its buds.

“Eh? Is that true? I’m so glad~! Hehehe~! I’ve been thinking that one day I’d like to publish my own book with a publishing company, so I’ve been working hard on it~!”

“If it’s you, Senpai, I bet you’ll be a pro in no time! I can tell by seeing how beautifully drawn these illustrations are.”

“You think so! Uuu….
I’m so happy to hear you say that, I’m going to cry… Ah, and one more thing, you see—”

Ajiro-senpai, whose face was as red as a tomato, whispered in my ear this time as she asked me to bend down.

“Actually, I’ve been drawing, you see, naughty things, under a different name… It’s about little sisters, of course.”

“I-is that so? Ahaha…”

“I’ll give that to Yamamoto-kun too! Let me know next time if you found it useful…! I want to use it as a reference…!”

“Um… Erm… Of course…”

(I must hide the doujinshi somewhere Saika will never find it…)

After that, I made up my mind to do so as I watched Ajiro-senpai happily continue to talk about her love for little sisters until we returned to the club room.

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