Chapter 31: Let’s Start With The Studies


“Now we’re going to start with some data collection first.
I’m going to examine you, conduct a light training session, and check your compatibility with the medication.”

“I’m a little relieved to hear that the training of h**l doesn’t start right away.
Now how do I get out of here…”

Hearing my joke, Kashiwagi-san chuckled a little.

“Too bad you can’t get away from me.
And I’ll start limiting your water intake tomorrow.
You’re limited to 2.5 liters a day.
It may seem like a surprisingly large amount, but… well, you’ll soon learn.”

Kashiwagi-san added, “And then—” as she took a book out of a box about the width of her shoulders on the desk and handed it to me.

The cover was written entirely in English, and as I flipped through it, the meanings of words were also written in simple English.

It was some sort of an English-to-English dictionary.

“You’re studying English.
The instructions, what you’re about to encounter, and the conversations you’ll have in the hospital are all in English.
It’s too much trouble for me to translate every single thing.
I’ve been using that vocabulary book for a while now, and by the time you learn it all, you’ll hardly ever hear a word you don’t know in everyday conversation.
Two weeks and learn all of it, got it?”

“… Oh Mai Gad.”

It is a problem for me if a girl genius like Kashiwagi-san is comparing me to her.

Two weeks… fortnite… seems too short.

“Well, it’s not like I’m against studying, so I’m fine with it.
I was planning to learn English while I was over here anyway.”

“Patients in this hospital have a lot of free time, so you can speak English as much as you want.
Though don’t bother them too much.”

“However, this is how I look… I don’t think there are a lot of people who would want to talk to me…”

“You know this is the United States of America, the land of the obese.
It’s not unusual for a man to weigh 130 pounds.
And if you don’t look good, isn’t it a good opportunity to learn some bad words?”

“… I would also appreciate mental health treatment.”

“If you can make jokes like that, you’ll be fine.
You should learn some American jokes while you’re at it, you seem to have talent.
Besides, I rather like your face right now.”

Did she just give me mental care right away?

Making a joke like that, Kashiwagi-san took the vocabulary book from me and put it back in the box.

Then she handed me the whole box and got up from the chair.

“Now, I will show you to the room where you will be admitted.
Follow me.”

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