Chapter 37: Kashiwagi-san’s True Intentions


—Two months and three weeks later.

Only one week to go, and all my training will be finally over.

Under such circumstances.

I was slumped over on the playground track with 10 laps to go.

“C-can’t move my body anymore…!”

“… I expected you to be like this.”

Kashiwagi-san looked at me and let out a sigh.

“I’m sure your previous training sessions have been painful to the point of death.
But your ambition and curiosity have enabled you to endure my discipline and push through your limits again and again.
I must say, your mental capacity is astounding.”

“Haha… because when I was in Japan, I was always made to run until I passed out… Besides, Kashiwagi-san massaged me every day after training and gave me some questionable medicine.”

“Sure, my massages and special medications helped with fatigue and muscle fiber recovery.
But the body doesn’t move because the brain falsely believes it’s at the limit of its activity.
Normally, a 230-kilogram body needs 8 liters of water.
Your body is not obese, but rather hypertrophied with water reserves, so theoretically you should be able to move even with 2.5 L.”

“So my brain misunderstands that I’m dehydrated and tries to protect my body so that’s why I can’t move…”

Kashiwagi-san nodded.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever met who’s been able to keep training to this point.
Other patients have retired much earlier.”

Kashiwagi-san crouched down next to me, who was collapsed.

“What are you going to do now? I can’t interfere with your brain to give you exercise commands, you have to stand up somehow on your own… I think your condition has already improved even if you stop here, you know?”

“I know, but it’s only a week away.
Besides, if I give up here, the matter of the approval of the new drug in Japan will take longer as well right…?”

“It’s not your concern.
This is a treatment for you, and thanks to you, I had a pretty good data set.
Even if you give up now, you’ve already done well.”

“Kashiwagi-san, are you sure you are okay with that…? Even if I give up here.”

“… I’m telling you, it’s up to you to decide—”

Kashiwagi-san paused as she was about to say something, and then pressed on.

Although she doesn’t show it in her attitude, I know Kashiwagi-san has very personal expectations of my treatment.

Otherwise, there is no way she would have massaged my huge body until I was sweating every day, or recalculated my training menu all night long until she had dark circles under her eyes.

I was able to do my best because Kashiwagi-san was always by my side.

Somehow, I want her to answer honestly without evading this time.

Kashiwagi-san looked into my eyes and let out a sigh.

“… I confess.
The approval of a new drug for hypertrophy in Japan is my long-cherished wish.
If it comes to fruition, I’ll be so happy even if I die.
So if you are cured… I will be very happy as well.”

“Haha, then it’s no time to lay down here.”

Hearing Kashiwagi-san’s true feelings was a great boost to my body.

It seems that the reason why my body was whining was such a trivial thing.

Kashiwagi-san was also surprised to see me in motion.

“How can you get motivation with words like these? Even though I’m using you for my own purposes.”

Kashiwagi-san said so, but surely those were not only for herself.

I know that she looks like she’s going to cry when I’m training hard, and she looks so happy when I get it done.

“Sure it didn’t feel quite right.
Even if I’m told to work hard for a bunch of people, I can’t say… but, if it’s for Kashiwagi-san, I know I’ll be able to do my best.”

Seeing me standing up, Kashiwagi-san widened her eyes in surprise.

“I see… yeah.”

Rubbing her own eyes, she smiled at me.

“Do your best, Yamamoto.”


And so I managed to make it through the rest of my training.

Everything was in order to prepare for a complete cure of the disease.


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