Chapter 45: It Was An Accident


Overcome with grief, I tried to stand up with my whole body.

With about 70 kilograms of water gone, my body is as light as cotton and seems to fly off the ground and into the sky.

“Amazing! It’s like it’s not my body at all! Look! Look how light I feel! See, see!”

I got excited and jumped up and down on the spot.

“Yeah-yeah, I’m looking… and that sure is awesome.”

For some reason, Kashiwagi-san covered her own bright red face with both hands and gazed at me through the gap between her fingers.

Her gaze was somehow focused on the lower half of my body… ah.

Come to think of it, my body has gotten smaller.

So, of course, the underwear I was wearing when I was fat was too big, and as I jumped around in that state, of course it would slip down…

I found myself without a stitch on and hastily hid my crotch with my hand.

“I’m sorry! I was so excited I didn’t realize I was…?”

Right after that, my pants slipped down and hung over my legs, causing me to lose my balance.

Still unsure of my body’s center of gravity, I quickly grabbed both of Kashiwagi-san’s shoulders for support as I stumbled around, completely naked.

As we stared at each other, Kashiwagi-san’s face turned even redder and her eyes were tightly closed, probably due to fear.

“Nh…” then she made a small, cute voice I’ve never heard before, and just like that, she turned her face to me and froze.

I immediately left and got down on my knees naked on the spot.

“Please forgive me! I didn’t do it on purpose.
My body was too light and I was having so much fun that I lost my balance and grabbed your shoulder…”

I looked up fearfully and saw Kashiwagi-san looking at me with a surprised expression.

Then, with her face still bright red and sweat dripping from her cheeks, she laughed as if she was trying to act strong.

“What! Oh yeah, you just lost your balance! You’re still getting used to that body! Y-you don’t have to apologize, rather I’d say thank you! Hahahahaha, what am I saying?”

Kashiwagi-san was also suddenly forced to see me naked, and her words and actions became strange due to fear and anger I suppose.

In the first place, I should’ve stayed away from her.

Also there is a possibility that she will never speak to me again for the rest of my life because of this.

I rubbed my forehead on the absorbent mat and continued to apologize.

“I’m so sorry, I should just go die.
I did a terrible thing to the person who saved my life.
I will give this life back to you.
I have lived a life of shame.”

“W-we’ve both been up all night! We’re both in a tizzy! Anyway, take the day, get a good night’s rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Here, your clothes! I-I don’t know how long my patience will last so put them on quickly!”

Archangel Kashiwagi-sama forgave me for my coarseness.

Thank you lord, I will eat Ramune Cigarettes every day starting tomorrow.

Kashiwagi-san was so angry inside that her face turned bright red, but I guess she somehow put up with me because I was her patient.

As she says, it would be better to disappear before Kashiwagi-san’s anger reaches its limit.

“Excuse me~!”

After hurriedly dressing and bowing deeply, I left Kashiwagi-san and returned to my room.

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