Chapter 51: We Got The Prize


I managed to regain my composure, and I offered my terms to settle this mess.

“In any case, you’ll have to pay for the shoes, since you see, I’m poor…”

“Okay, I’ll give you a much better pair of sneakers.
I promise.”

I felt good when the coach-like person finally looked me in the eye and talked to me.

“Also, Kashiwagi-san is pretty pissed off and wants to kick you out, but as for me, I think we can use this ground together.
So, let’s first decide where we can use―”

“Well, that’s fine! This is a critical time, and watching you run anymore would break the spirit of my athletes.
We’ll find another playground.”

The coach-like person said, looking impatient.

Then I looked at Kashiwagi-san, who still has a wrinkle between her eyes, as a bead of sweat drips down her cheek.

“If you have any other requests, we will help you as much as we can, if it will make up for some of our rudeness.”

“That’s right, Yamamoto.
Say whatever you want, these guys are sponsored by sports manufacturers, they’re very rich anyway, don’t be shy.”

Feeling Kashiwagi-san’s gaze behind my back, telling me to “take all the money I want,” I asked him for one thing.

” —If so, may I have it?”

I said and pointed to the starter pistol used to signal the start of the race..

Kashiwagi-san’s body reacts with a jerk.

“This one? I have a few spares, and I don’t mind, but… are you sure this is the only thing that you want?”

“Yes! I actually wanted to try shooting!”

When I said this, Kashiwagi-san blushed and crossed her arms.

“If you want it, fine! Well, your choice is totally childish!”

I was actually asked for it because Kashiwagi-san kept glancing at the starter pistol.

Maybe she wanted to try it.

I hope this will satisfy Kashiwagi-san.

So, the American national team players left the ground.


Sorry for the short stories that’s about to come.

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