the man name rudra walking on the top foloor of building and thinking

such a west of life tho world is. ruined there is no such a thing like montser tawer dungeuan portal the novel world were the exuts where people live in exiting life

And a man name sung jing woo siting on a chair and seeing the news inside the store

the reporter saying a strang phenomena is occuring aal over the world the place were always the cold nature is residant today

here temrature is break the record 55 degree c gone up

And anather place far far away from both th character a school studant and his girlfriend talking about break up

girl hey looser lets break up you piece of shit never show me your face

after listining those world the boy goes in shock how the girl is treating him after such long relationship

boy what i did was neccessory for your sac

then the wind flow increas draxtically the girls skirt is floting in air just lik in tylical love drama series

and instantlly aal sky turn in dark aal ower the world india ameriaca south koreas russia germany aal ower the world

kartik who staning above the builsing and watchind the sky and thinkig pehaps now sky will turn in red and boom

the loud voice spreaded all ower the world th world and sky colour is changing black ti diffrent colour.

in india colour chang tk red in southe korea colour chanch in greean in gemany chang in pink and so on every 7 big land sharing diffrent sky colour

the boy who was standing in the middle of the break up

strring at the pink sky and thinking about iy s an sign of god that i shoul explain my self

boy to girl see the univer is saying that we should stay togather

girl whil cutting the conversation ** off you bastard this is nothing than a coincidance .

than the two love bird appear in pink sky

boy see now tell tbis is really coincidance that i am hellucinating love world in sky

girl hey you mother **er stop messing with my head i dont wanna hellusinate suc a thing with you

the boy take a step toward her and asking her to give her a chance

the wind flow increasing winds speed increasing more time passes

girl i should be going now

boy on his knees

hey pleeas give me a chance iam begging you hey pleas stop

hey… hey….. hey …..

the n a sudden lage chang of wind everything floution all around

the young boy and girl both was in air and a gigantic birs like monseter appear in th building in front of them the monste was almost 100 feet large

monster open his mouth

hey you also seeing this tell me hey dear are you okay

boy yeah i am seeing things al love bird is in the building ithink it is ….

the monster swallowed the girl and the boy goes in shock and another monsrorous mouth appear and swallowed the boy

meanwhile in another country

in india a black dragan his size was almost lik 150 feet appear infront of kartik and he was in exitment hey my dream becime reality the dragon just come from the sky ithink now a tawer wil appear and i wil got the meessas lg

hey but why iam not seeing the blue screen what the hell

the kartik was thinking about this then suddanly a larg fire flood appear from sky kartik see this nd saying what the ** i am not the protaginist and the fire surraded him hey may be iwil get fire resis….

and he cough in fire the entire city wipd out from the map if the world

in southe korea a our second victim who was watching tv

he was in deep thought then he hear crash he was seeing fro. the window tha people are collapsing the car ar crashing count les people runnig from somethin just he come near the door step step ..

his foot was out the ahouo and befor contacting the earth a giand snak pass throuh the rod the car crashing he run in the shoup and hide under the table then a gigantik tail brak through the shoup entir ahou collops the rougf collapse and crushed our little victim a blood spread like a balloon poped

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