after that a viwe that never be expactet

never imaginable world a world that were on his extintion the gigantik humangtic monster and being massacer all species on earth the earth viwe chang in modern world to jurrasic world the rivers chang in bood colour like hell come to earth

the building changing in dust due to dragans breath some human fire the nuclear bombs at the monster all countrys fought too hard

the dark dust spreading from the earth then sky started to clearing all dark cloud dissapearing aoard portal can be seen from the ground but tbere was no trace of human not any erths species billions of peopl die in just one day

the portal cleary be seen then

strang voices starting to spreading in earth like somewone was talking

[ what the hell there was this much energy]

another voice come

[ From this much we can reviwe atlist 50 planate]

[who was the fool who destroyed this


[ such a vest of usefull resours]

[ the eternal battle clash was such strong that open millions world hole and connected them]

[ hey why dont we harvest this planat]

[but we have to use our enegy to reviwe it again]

[haw much it cost]

[atleast 100 planate energy ]

(this is too much)

[hey i have a idea why not we reset it ]

[yeah you have a point]

(so transfer your tleast on planate energy to me )

coversation continue







[ all eternal bieng agree on a solution ]

(reseting the perfect earth )

reset will done in the stop of conting 200……….-99….50…20…10….5….2….1…0

reset comlete

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