losers leveling up


The world was reset and the scene that we seen in 1 ch are releating themselves

Rudra was walking on the top of building and thinking about fantasy become reality

sung jin woo sitting on the chair in shop

the boy name marto standing aunder the tree with her girl friend A studant was siitting on the school bench

every single momment is repeating it self

now again the sky colur chang in dark and a strange red light cover the whole sky but this time something was diffrent monster not come the strange tawer appear in in the middle of nowere antire earth suffer from earthquick

boom ….

rudra what whats happening did fantasy realy becom reality the towers are come in real world from novels hell yeah

strang announcement happning from gover ment all over the world

Dear citieson dont panic our earth is become a part of multiversal our scintist have talready inform us that this will happend we have taken all neccesory step and prepare for any chance

now according to our scientist from now a system will apper in your front that only can be seen by themselves those who have system will be going in tawer for climbing. there are already otherworldy being exist you have to fight with monsters for protecting the world so pleas save us dear our heroes best if luck

the militry soldier come every city and take the cammand

rudra(in india). realy the fantacy finally become reality now pleas tawer choose me choose me tk climb and rudra loose his counsiusness

sung jing woo (south korea)sitting in his shop what the hell is this really but why goverment telling us now but this is not time to think about it i dont wanna go in tawer but may be there will be some cute little monster that i can make. them my pet

a strang window open in front of him the blue backgraund white fonts

[ congratulation you have choosen for climbing the tawer may your univers give you pawer ]

end he vanished from his chair

mean while in germany

Marto (germany) he was stil in middle if the break up

(auther what the ** when will his break will end )

hey dear please give me a chance

girl you use less bastard stop messing wih my head end ** up elsewere

marto sit on his knees end saying hey please wait hey hey you hey..hey…


a strange messag pop uo in front of him

[ congratulation you have choosen for climbing the tawer may your univers give you pawer ]

and marto vanished

and in the colleg thomas sitting on the bench and thinking

tbomas from new york

if this is not prank it means the string theory is real multiver is real

the 11 dimension theory

worm hol that connect other workd really exist but these are too small and unstable

trawel if we wanna travel throungh it we have to expand it it means people from other workd found the source to use worm hole and expand it size ……..

thomas was ib deeo thought

a man with a healthy body come in class and calling for thomas

her you hey you looser hey bastard

thomas was in deeo thougt he cant hear any thing

then man kick him

thomas fall from bench

thomas hey what are you doing he stand up and mack a contact with man him front of him

thomas ooh it was you i am sorry for barking what you want please tell me

Man you wahy dont you replying me when i ask now i have to give you a beating

you book worm end man punch in the face of thomas thomas again fall on the graound

thomas i am sorry

man besting hi thamas was Lieng in the graoung blood coming from his mouth then thomas thinking

how long i have to be a punching bag

i wish i can go in the tower wait is tower really exist i know this is a prank but if tiwer exist please tiwer invite me

please invite

i will do any thing

man countiniusly beating thomas

and he staring to faint

a strange messog pop up in front of thomas

[ do you wanna climb tower]


thomas i know this is hellusinatian but yeah i wanna climb tower

[ you are not eligible to climbe tawer your physical state are to low you dont have any physical talent but you have pawer of Knoweldge ]

[ you will be given a task if you complete it administer wil invite you in tawer ]

thomas ..what i am realy hellusinating shit

may be iam loosing my brain

[ task is preparing you dont have any physical power task is uodating ]

[ task meassuring your mental pawer ]

[task over come your fear ]

[task punch the man in front of you if you do]

[you will become climber ]

thomas what this bull i have to punch him his body is not less than a body builder if i punch him he kill me but if i dont i will lose this opportunity to go away from him if the tower is real i will do any thing to climb it

man stop beating the thomas

man ..i think he loose counsious ness i wanna i beat him daily this is si refrashing man going out of the class step step …..

thomas i wanna punch him i wanna punch him thomas trying to stand up

[ you are gaining physical resistance .]

thomas stand up blood coming out of his mouth and shout out loud hey you **ing bastard

man what did you say

and turn around

and recieve a punch on mouth

thomas i did it

hey what the hell i did naw he definatly gonna kill me

man hey you mother fuking looser you thing you can go naw

come here he punch thomas

thomas hey you fuvking tower if yiu real invite me now

[ congratulation you iver come your fear ]

[ tower did not expect that you will do ithe task ]

[ tower searching for solution ]

[ tower did not find aolution for your situation you have to choose in those t

climb the tower /forget about tower message]

thomas ofcource iwanna climb tower

.[congratulation you become weakest climber welcome to the tawer ]

[ for your achievment you reciece title weakest climber ]

[ for your survival tower gives you 10+state point good luck for survive ]

thomas reciev last punch of his looser life and vanished in air

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