losers leveling up


A big arena on flouting island a ground full of grass a silver roud in middle of island clear sky pink cloud surrounded anaturell climber who come in tower ground floor a comletely new world with un imaginable beuty of small butterflys flying arround the people

thomas who come in the yawer after taking a beating of body builder hey what is this tower is real may be i am dreaming i dont wanna wake up from this dream

marto who forcefully summon in tower during his break up

funcking tower bastart how dare he summon me without my permission i will destry it now what will happendy girlfriemd brok up with me he shout loudly

but nobady care about anything

on the anather hand

sing jing woo hey tower is real i am itching to know monster may be i can make them my pet

the a strang figure appear in th miiddle of island figure was a cute girl with rabbit ear childish tone a fair and clean skin like a model she announced

… we welcome all the participant who willing to climb the tawer let me explain one thing i am not good as you think so pleas stay alert and dont do any unnesassory thing now for the guidence floor 1 -5 are tutorial so after you clear it you will riceve your innat ability and theywill based on your peformance and behaviour and stratgey to clear it all participant reciev task according to thier state and mind sate and one last thing you will riceve a syatem that will guide. and display your states so good luck ans enjoy your jorney

and announcment ended

all climbers teleporting some were the ground floor shining with blue particalse that appear when someone teleport

and after some time enture ground floor was empty


[ you transported in green gobline tutorial]

[survive it and kill 5 gobline ]

what goblin

how i can kill theme without any weapon

i have to secure a area and think about a plan

Marto he also reicve the tiwer message

**ing hell this tower playing with me

well my life become a play ground for every one any one come ** up with my life

now i just wanna die he i dont wanna live hey goblin come and kill me

then suddanly a arrow come and injured his leg

[ you affected with poison ]

[you are gaining poison

resistance ]

resistance fell you are loosing counsiuosness

meanwhile with

sing jin woo

he also received tower msg

goblin so it is like a game

first of all i have to check my status

status window

Name – sing jing woo

age. – 21

innat ability – not awaken

level – 0

title . – none

bieng -human


strength -15

agility. – 10

intelligence- 9

perception – 20

charisma – 20


brain wash (lv0)

what the hell brain wash when did i do that and haw i can do that

then suddanly a blue goblin appear run toward him and jum high rready to attack


what can i do what can i do only hhave one skill that is trash

i have to use it use brain wash

** use brain wash

not effect he trying to actuve his skill

but nothing happening

gobline take his knife and throw ut toward sing jing woo .

the jing woo loudle shout brain wash

1[skill brain wash activated ]

but it wash too late he knife already injured him [ you are affected by poisan ]

[you are loosing counsious ness]

and he fainted

thomas who was on the tree started to plaining his survival he choose a dagger for weapon and make a wooden sward

[ you make your first weapon you recive +5 state point ]

i was planing to fight with goblin may be i can win now with my trap that i make

i shuld check my state

status window open

Name – thomas

age – 22

innat ability -partialy awaken

level -2

title -weakest climber (effect +10 intelligency )

bieng – human


strengh -5


intelligenc -20(+10)

perception – 15

charisma – 12

state point – 10


weahpon maker (lv5 )

trap (lv2)

some unread mesaage i s availlable

[ you made a wooden sward +2 state point]

[you made a wooden spear +1state point ]



…. .

[you made a wooden spear +1state point ]

[you made your first trap +2 state point ]

wow its good may be i shoud put my stat point in strengh

put +5 state point in strenght

(strenght +2 )

(strenght cant be increas until perception become 23+)

(+7 state point put ib perception perception reach 23)

ok so now i have to fight with gobling

[ congratulation your trap killed 2 goblin ex 100+]

lets go and see the goblin thomas come near the trap he see a 2 goblin a injured with spear spear gotrhugh goblin body just like dear fall in hole and fell for the trap

thomas what is this is this mana stone that appear after killing monster may be they become good energy source for tony stark suit reacter

he collect both stones

then a a arow come from back word and injured him he yell three goblin surrounded him he fell on the ground. goblin come him and stardet to laugh. ke.. ke…ke. three goblin near inughf he get and slicee on goblin neck dagger stuvk his neck goblin 2 stab him on the back he leave the dagger and pick goblins knif and stab the secound goblin head third goblin jump toward him thomas pick hos woodan sward and put goblin fron wooden sword go thrugh goblins abdoman thomas bathed in green blood [ congratulation you clear 1 st floor ]

[ you are lowest in chart who clear 1 floor ]

after seeing this tgomas go into t

he deep sleep

on other hand

our marto gain consius nesss and find him

binded with tree a snake use for

obind him with tree

[ you gain poisen resistance (lv1)]

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