losers leveling up


our marto who tied with tree using a snake

open his eyes

what what the hell

he sow a red goblin with armor

he has a sword

and 2 goblin was sleeping

on the ground he sow the opportunity

he can kill those three and start completing the task but the problem was he tied with snake first he have to get free from there hand he started to stand up his hand was free the snak rope was on his chest he

then he suddanly realise something

status window open

Name -marto

age. – 23

innat ability – not awaken

level – 0

title . – none

bieng -human


strength -25

agility. – 15

intelligence- 13

perception – 14

charisma – 15



he did not have any skill

dam. now what can i do think think ….

think ….

he was desparate think


he suddanly have a idea the idea that nobady wanna try but he already wanna die but not without strugle he started jumping jumping

armored red gobline. sow him and started liughfing khe …kh .e. . khee….

and ignored him

in other side marto bring tge snake on his neck now snake started to bind his neck

he open his mouth and bite the snake

gobline did not realise this

marto bite snake more force fully snake

[ you affected with poisan]

(your poisan resistance profficiancy increas 75% )

[ your immune to low specissnake poisen ]

and marto free himself he silently come near the sleeping goblin and pick the sward and go near the armored goblin he was standing only 5 step distans he realise goblin noticed before goblin say anything he jump and splash goblin head was flying in the air

[ αyou received 150 ex]

he catch the head and give ahand to goblin body he put both head and body dawn and pick the armored goblin sward naw he has two sward he come near the sleeping goblin and realise something the sleeping gobline suffring from fever he dont west and he open both goblin scull

[ you recieve 300 ex]

now only two goblin were remaning he cover both goblin head and hide on the tree

he sow both goblin doing some thing

and talking in strang language

one of them was preparing something with plants leaf but he dont care he goes near both of them and jump on the gobling and splash .[you received 150ex]

tge guard gobline who was standig in front of him fastly attacked marto

and stab him in he dont west any time marta pick his sward and starting to attack goblin but goblin was too fast he take a step back and dodged marto attack he was rmstarting to running around the marto

and attack hin again in abdoman this tim marto grab goblin hand and splash

goblin was dead

[you received 150ex]

[congratulation you clear 1 floor]

[there is a dunggeon do you wanna clear it thare is now battle involvwd you just have to rest for awhile in water do you accept

reward -?????? ]

[ yN]

hell yeah ofcours i will accept

he goes in dungeun and he see a pool with water water was warm .

he goes in and sleep in the pool

mean while our

sing jing woo

open his eyes some message popped out

[ you used brain wash ]

[ brain washed bieng not able to kill you ]

[brain washed proficiancy 95%]

[the goblin is partialy brain washed ]

he see himself in cave and see a blue goblin goblin trying to say something but our victim cant uderstand he was sure that goblib will not harm him for a reason

goblin give him a strange paper yellowish cloure and tell him to make two part through hans sign

sing woo uderstand and stripped tha papper .

[ congratulation you recieved skill universal language you can understand any monsters language ]

goblin hey you what you did to me iam unable to kill you

sing woo hey how can i ubderstand you

goblin you recieved a skill that can understand any monster language now tell me what you did to me

sing woo understand and quickly say skill brainwash

goblin was faibted and still sitting on rock sing woo say now go injured 5 goblin that they cant move and bring them to me he goblin stand up and go out sude the cave

after some time he bring two fainted blue goblin sing woo pick a knife and open bith goblin abdomen

[you recieved 100 ex]

[you recieved 100 ex]

goblin come back again and bring three more blue goblin one of them was a red goblin

[you recieved 100 ex]

[you recieved 100 ex]

[you recieved 150 ex]

wow red goblin give more experienced

sing woo .now thinking i was afraid that goblin will attack him becouse he was partially brainwashed

[congratulation you clear 1 floor]

now sing woo talking too goblin hey were did you find that paper you give

goblin -from human

sing woo. do you have more

goblin no

sing woo bring me more

goblin there is only two in this fores one was destroyed and other was in camp

sing woo bring me that .

goblin go outside and come afer some time with a paper

sing woo take that and stripped it in two part [congratulation you recieved life mana ] do you wanna move on 2 floor

sing woo yes he vanished

our marto who wa taking tha nape in the pool his body suddanly feeling the pain he endure it after some time pain was unendureble pain was like millian of ant bitting his whole body .

he awake and sstand up and run out of the pool he reach the corner and cant take his leg out of pool

[ you are in last stage of recieving hidden reward if you ensure the pain you can leave the pool and if you die from pain your life energy will convert in pool resource ]

what the hell what is this am i really gona die here no i will not die not without strugling

[ you have to endure the painfor 50 s ]

evry time secound go dawn pain increas

marto yelled at loud


**ing tower i will destroy you

[congratulation you are tha first person who endure the absolut pain on 1 floor]

[you recieved pain resistance ]

[pain resistance proficiancy incres1 00%

skill level up]

[pain resistance proficiancy incres1 00%

skill level up]



[pain resistance proficiancy incres1 00%

skill max level .]

[10 s until pain will disappea]r

9-8. -7——5—–4

[you experiencing death pain]


[you are in near deatg situation]


[you almost died ]


[skill death pain resistance creat]

[congratulation you are the first person who recieved death pain resistanc)

marto ** his eyes was bleeding his nos ear mouth also bleeding

[death pain resistanse activate your all pain will dissapear ]

marto ** **ing tower iam gonna destroyed you

[congratulation you received death mana ] now you wanna move on 2. floor

marto yes you **ing tower invite me on 2 floor iwill gonna climb up and kill the person who create this ruined tower destroyed the tower just you wait

marto vanished in air

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