losers leveling up


Our three 1 s t floor victim appear in 2nd floor

thomas[ welcome in second floor]

[You recieved a secret box ]

[you recieved 30 state point ]

thomas now i should put some point in strengh

(you level up ) all injuries healed effect of level up

i feel so resh now ishould increas my strenght put 10 point in strength

10 in agility and 10 in intelliganc 5 in perception aand five in charisma

Name – thomas

age – 22

innat ability -partialy awaken

level -3

title -weakest climber (effect +10 intelligency )

bieng – human


strengh -15(5+10)


intelligenc -30(10+10)(+10)

perception – 20(15+5)

charisma – 17(12+5)

state point – 00


weapon maker (lv5 )

trap (lv3)

poison resistance( lv 2 )

now should i start 2 nd floor task

[2nd floor task kill 50 green goblin

time limit 2 day]


thomas transported in a wild forest the tree were huge like building

thomas so i know what ia have to do set the trap he started cutting wood and making spears after setting the trap after one day some

[you trap 5 goblin all dead]

[yout trap 2 goblin all dead ]

[you trap 7 goblin 5 dead]

{level up}

[you trap 10 goblin 7 dead ]

{level up}

[you trap 8 goblin all dead]

[you trap 3 red goblin]

[yout trap9 goblin all dead]

{level up}

now time to kill the reamaning and collect the stone

thomas easily complete the task becouse of his trap level up and his wooden weape was mor effiecieant

he get somes kill paper he take them

now our dear sing woo

you [ welcome in second floor]

[You recieved a secret box ]

[you recieved 30 state point ]

[your in bottom of chart who clear the 1 floor]

you received uniqe mana life mana your state point +20

your skill brain wash level up

proficiency reach 100 %

brain wash level up

proficiancy 1%

now i should increas my state

put 10 point in intelligens

10 in perception

10 in agility

with this i can quickly retreat

20 point in life mana i dont what is this but seeing its uniqe it may have some extra

Name – sing jing woo

age. – 21

innat ability – not awaken

level – 3

title . –

bieng -human


life mana-30 (10+20)

strength -25 (15+10)

agility. – 20(10+10)

intelligence- 19(9+10

perception – 30(20+10)

charisma – 20

state point. 00

skills- brainwash (vl 3) you can brain wash 10 monsters at a time

universal language(lv 2)

you can understand any monster language


now i should start hunting

i mean brain washing.

2 floor trial start

[2 nd floor task kill 50 blue goblin in two days ]

sing woo climb a tree that was almost a building like

the the branches of. tree connected each other he easily he sow a group of blue goblin they ar torcharing green goblin he sow one goblin was alon gurding the area

he jump the tree and say

yeah super hero landing boom his leg was break blue goblin run toward the noise equiped with bow sword axe hammer etc all kind of weapon the are carrying they are approuching toward

him he was already suffring from pain he sow them and stunt with fear he shiut brain washing nothing happend the broken bone was giving him chil and coming death approuching him he shouting the term brain washing ciuntinously all gobling surranded him no way to run a goblin come near him and telling these weakling human why they are approuching us the last day some human killed our five man .what they are thinking after coming our forest

sing woo hey i can explain you liten to me

goblin hey this human know our language

how did he learn did he use those paper we were delivring **ing hell

sing woo finding a way to brain washed ahout brain wash nothing happand

danm. i have practic more my skill

goblin hey he is using some trick i have an idea how about we attack him togather who anyone eho killed him can take aholiday from duty

all goblins really boss you are not joking right

goblin yeah i am not but i am also participating

goblins yeah do boss whatever you can

sing woo litning to those worl his pain was increasing and chil travaling throug his whole body he was sweating from fever

goblin now when i say all attack

now ready attack sing woo heart beat increas can clearly can be hear from out side his heart was beating like drum his shout loudly. . br…ain… br….ain. brain wash

a giant hammer stop in front of his eye a sward wash on his abdoman a axe was in th middle of way to attack him a bow ready to at him all stop in middle of it but a arrow come and injured his hand

he shout whoever shoot thi arraow give me his head a all goblin strated to attock bow goblin bow goblin was standing no move a finger the hammer ruptered his skull a axe cut his lower body a sword go throughe his chest in an instant blue blood spread around the area and bow goblin chang in meat his head was disappear

[you recieved 100 ex]

shiva noticed that his brain washed monster can earn ex from him he ordered them go kill 40 blue goblin

the goblins run in diffrent diractin

[you killed a blue goblin received 100 ex ]


[you killed a blue goblin received 100 ex ]

[you killed a blue goblin received 100 ex ]

{level up} .



{level up }

[you killed a blue goblin received 100 ex ]

{level up} l

[your leg is partialy healed effect of level up]

[your leg is partialy healed effect of level up]

[your leg is healed effect of level up]

now he atand up and see a red goblin exatly like or he was almost 10 feet long .

he hide behind the tree and think about it

i have to use my brain washing skill

he was thinking some thing

and realise something .and shout loudly brain wash

[you brain wash red goblin cammander ]

after some time his blue gobling army come back he call them one by one and tell them to fight with red goblin cammander

blue goblin come one by one and crushed by red goblin cammander

[congratulation you clear 2 floor]

sing woo askjed red goblin cammander hey you dumehead do you know anything about life mana .

cammander human this is uniqe mana that can only achiv by on persone in tower there is its apposit mana death mana that also wild by only one person in tower i can only tell you this much

sing woo tell me all cammander

they both mana part if 7 origin mana ..

cammander say those world and boom his head blaste his body receive a blue flame his whole body turn in dust

sing woo what what the helll is this i think this tower has some restriction for knowladge that can only unlock on upper floor just like fantasy novel were player was only level 1 and reciev ego s

ok i will. learn about that in upper floor

for now my target is recieving the innat ability 5 floor i am coming .( becouse on 5 floor climber can get a innat ability )

now i have to be care full from super hero landing other wise i will lose my leg parmanantly

hey tower invite me on 3 floor

and sing woo vanished in air

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