losers leveling up


our two victims made there way on 3 rd floor .

on other hand our 3 rd victim who was suffered from death pain appeared on 2nd floor

[your skill death pain resistance is high level skill that can only be found on upper floor ]

[your skill level is decreasing your skill death pain resistans become low level skill pain resistance (lv10) ]

[as you climb the tawer restriction will be removed ]

[as a compansation we wil give you 50 stat point ]

(additional compansation we will provide you piece of origin mana knowladge after you awaken your innat ability)

marto. what is this idont wanna know about mana give my skill back i suffered from death strugle and fight with death just you wait i am coming on top floor i will destroy your world and kill you you bloody bastard

[you received the title one who suffere from death]

10+ death mana

(( auther i am confused bitween death mana and dark mana any one care to give me suggetion what i should put death mana or dark mana))

[you achieve death mana 20 state point will be given to you ]

[you recieved skill weapon summoning with death mana ]

[ welcome in second floor]

[You recieved a secret box ]

[you recieved 30 state point ]

o kay rewords are pretty good i have total 120 state point what will i do hell yeah i have to ditribute them okay 25 point in strenght 20 point in agility 20 in intelligence 20 in perception and 15 in death mana

Name -marto

age. – 23

innat ability – not awaken

level – lv 5

title . – one who suffered from death

bieng -human


death mana (uniqe)- 25(15+10)(+10)

strength – 50 (25+25)

agility. – 35(15 +20

intelligence- 33(13+20)

perception – 34(14+20)

charisma – 35(15+20)

skills- pain resistans lv 15

proficiancy 100 %

(level up sealed)

poisan resistance (lv5)

low level snake poisan resistance

weapon summaning (lv 3)

( you can summon a weapon made by death mana )

marto wow i received a offensive skill ishould try

weapon summon .

a dark black dagger appear in front of him.

dagger wow now i juat want to summon the shadow then i will become the protoginist of solo leveling

he say sadow summon not respond may be ishould try eith a death body

tower lets go on 2 floor trial

[ you are transporting in jungle of red goblin]

.[ task kill 50 red goblin in 2 day ]

he appear in the middle of foreat were huge tree was resting he climb the tree the tree s branch wer connected he stand up in top if the tree he sow red goblin cammander group bullying a blue goblin and torchring green goblin

marto hey hey iknow sonething if i am in novel that these word were already written from some one danm auther i am gonna come out the novel and beat you yo death and if it is coincidance then let it go

marto summan a bow and arrow

bow immiting dark energ lik it was flame that surrunding the bow he summon a arrow and make a aim for the commonder head he shout the arrow

arrow was going toward them the bow open the cammonder skull and open second cammonder abdiman then a blast happand just like earth quick

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

…..{level up}

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

marto danm how much pawerfulll i become now time for ower pwered victim

he jump from the tree and super hero landing whole area blast away a hole appear under his foot

marto summon dagger he staetwd massaccer he was like killing machine

after some time he was standing on a dead body mountain.

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]

{level up}

{level up}

[you killed a red goblin .150ex received]..

{level up}

[congratulation you clear 2 floor]

3 rd floor task kill 100 red goblin

[congratulation you clear 3floor]

[4th floor task kill 500 red goblin]

[congratulation you clear 4 floor]

he vanished in air

welcome on the 5 floor final tutorial floor

marto i should take a nap he collapsed in front of 5 floor task gate

meanwhile with our trap master thomas also climb the tower the tower with his partially awaken ability

thomas well 3 and 4 floor was quit tricky i manag to kill 500 goblin on fourth floor with trap and weapon .and i collected bunch of mana stone i collected them becous i know they are quit use full they spreading sone kind of energy if i use this in place of ekectricity i can make alot of weapon

during my jorney to 4 floor i learn about mana that i dont have if i dome howe get that mana i can use mana crystal and i collected some strange brounish paper and a white papper i dont know what is these but i know they are use full

i level up 15. my states are quiet decent my skills trap and weapon are both lev10 now i should learn about magic next floor is 5 after that i will fully awaken my innat ability

5 flooor will be difficult becouse its last trial

ishould check my states

Name – thomas

age – 22

innat ability -partialy awaken

level -15

title -weakest climber (effect +10 intelligency )

bieng – human


strengh -41


intelligenc -55(+10)

perception – 50

charisma – 40

state point – 00


weapon maker (lv 10 )

trap (lv10)

fire( lv 2)

fire skill that i get after killing a goblin on 3 (goblin was carrying a mistakely stripped in two paper and get the skikll fire ) floor this fire is not offensive but i can use it

in night also i can make food but in the tower ithink this is useless

ook now tower lets go on 5 floor

[welcome in 5 floor task ]

[ kill the green goblin chife and 10 green goblin cammander and 500 normal goblin

time limit 5 day ]

a large village was in the middle of forest

village was almost like a not developed town two goblin guard was protecting the the village and countless goblin was doing some wierd work some was carrying blood

some was carrying human dead body and some was making a big fire

thomas i alone can kill them i have to think about some kind of plan he make some trap out side the village with spear one the tree and count less trap now he wait for the night he silently come near the village

and skill fire he strated a fire on the biundry of village he came back and climb the tree and sit on the branch h a wait a while andd after some time the spread through the village village was in chaos some hoblin runnig in forest but

[your trap killed a goblin received ex 50 ]{level up}

[your trap killed a goblin received ex 50 ]{level up}

[your trap killed a goblin received ex 50 ]

he recieved count less goblin

he enter the village and mbuse some gobline cammander the were suffring from fever and sleeping

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ] {level up}

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ]

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ]

he killed 5 of them

[you killed a 500 goblin received first part of task complete ]

thomas now i just have to kill

the chiefe and some cammander

he come out side the house and search for the cammander noww has to kill only 2 cammander and 1 chief

he found a cammander

he run towar him in the middle of chaos

he jumped and stab the. cammander with dagger

but cammander was still standing cammander grab thomas hand and crush it

thomas what the ** i was confidant that i can kill him Aaaa…. my hand you baatard

cammander ignored him and run toward a bulding

thomas run toward the cammander and jump again this time thomas atttack cammander skull and splash dagger was stuck in skull of the cammander

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ]

l{level up} [your arm is healing effect of level up.]

now the chife turn to die

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