losers leveling up


thomas started to piis of becouse of his physical weak ness

if i just have a magic i will be able to killed the cammander hope my innate ability will offensive

thomas charge forward and meet nother goblin cammander

he become aware ande care fullya starded to approch the cammander but cammander noticed him he punched thomsas thomas fly and crushe in house breaking a wall

thomas ** i should increas my streanghth but danm system put my state point in intelligence and percetion

he stand up and walk toward the cammander he pick his dagger run toward the cammander cammander take a difensive position then a suddan scream spread all over the forest

cammander lost his focus in battle and run toward a building thomas take the advantage and jump toward him and splash he open the skull of cammander

[congratulation you recieved the skill daggermanship level 1 ]

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ]

[you complete the secound stage kill 10 cammander ]

level up (your inuries are healing effect of level up )

thomas thank god level up has a healing effect other wise i was already dead

now ishould check what is in this house both cammander may be ciefe live there before that i should prepare my last resort

he pick a wire made of iron it was thin

thomas this wire i pick it from a goblin who was carrying it and some huckes

now preparation are complete he walk toward the house house was almost like a ancient type 50 m hight made by woods it looking like old house but it was beutiful like a tree house

thomas open the door and start the fire in house

becouse it was not affected by previous fire

skill. .. fire

tge fire started to spreading he he silantle enter the house there was nobay he go more deep

thomas there is no one

may be chief is not here

then suddanly strange voice human take a right thomas body instictaly move right he loose his controle of his own body

then thomas see a greean goblin he was too huge and wearing a matal suit carrying a sward

chief so you are the human who killed my children

thomas yes

he loose total controle of his body

thomas what is happening to me i can move my body

chiefe. i dont belive such a weakling killed my strongest cammander you are a tricky one if this diseas not spred in our village cammander can killed you easily anyway i will play with you an torchered you i will make your bodyie meal and feed it to my child now struggle

goblin chief stand up fron hos crown and come middle of the hall releas skill

thomas finally can move his body with his will he fell on the ground and startand to asking goblin king how is this possible i can hear you

cheif ita my skill

and walk toward the thomas

thomas take deffensive possition and take out his dagger hhe bind his dagger with his slill his dagger was covered by flame

he attacked chief shoulder aaah stab

ting his dagger was destroyed

chiefe now your time to die

chiefe came near him and grab him with his hand his skull covered with goblin hand chiefe throw him on wall and pic him thro him on rood ampicked throw him on wall graound

thomas i have to use it every time chiefe thro him thomas leave a huck in wall

on ruff on graound hi huck was finished and finall cjief throw him on crown .

thomas was covered in blood

his eyes were bleeding his legs were brocken his hand was broken his skull was full of blood then he suddanly make a contact with chief eye


hey you green ass bastard do you know what will happand now your tine to die

chief started lughfing ha haakhe..khe…ha ha. you youhuman are very funny you think you can beat me with

your broken. body

thomas. yepp he raise his head and sit on crown in his hand he has a wire

skill fire

goblin chife surranded by fire acarrying wire the hucks were melting wire become red chief under stand his trick he raise his sward and try to cut the wire

then thomas said splash

all hucks were malted wire loos it bas and tied chief

chief you tricky bastard

string go through the body of chief chief body turn in pieces

[congratulation you clear 5 tutorial floor]

[you recieved 10 000 ex]

{level up}

(your inuries are healing effect of level up )

{level up}

(your inuries are healing effect of level up )

{level up}

(your inuries are healing effect of level up )

[you awaken innat ability black smithy creation ]

[innat ability is given according to your knowledg ]

[you have high weapon knowledge]

[you recieve inventry ]

[you recieved pocket dimantion work place of great black smith ] .

[ hidden quest triggered find the dragon heart that is on 5 floor]

[dragon heart contain limit less energy ]

wow dragon heart iwill use it to make a dragon robot my robat mechanics degree will not going to be waist

now i should go and find the dragon heart

he see those word and he vanished in air

now our secound victim

sing woo .

well you know 3

and 4 floor was was easiy becouse of my brain wash skill but i regret my brain wash monster cant clim the tower each floor west my energy

i wish a can summon them on upoer floor

now time to clear the 5 floor

[welcome in 5 floor task ]

[ kill the blue goblin chife and 10 blue goblin cammander and 500 normal blue .goblin time limit 5 day ]

transporting in 5 floor

he sow a village there was goblins they are wearing armored they wer blue gobling cammandee guarding the doosr

now time to brain washisng

sing woo run toward the cammander

cammander ready to attack him

sinng woo. skilk brain wash both cammander were stop on there place

sing woo go and bring some more like you

both cammander take leave after some time they bring a group of goblin they were talking

goblin cammander 1 whats with those why they are ianvite us to hunt tmyeah

one of them was saying there is a dragon corps

sing woo liten there word care fully

the group came near him

goblin 5 you want to hunt this aunt you are same of goblin

they are cursing both guard

sing woo skilk brain wash

all goblin cammander standing in front of him sing woo how moany cammander are here

goblin 1. human we total are 25

sing woo ok now 15 of you go kill the chief

and remainig go massaccer the villag and one of you bring me sometging to eat

all cammander leav after some time

a goblin come with meat and wine he started to eat he take a bite

and nom …nom …[ you affected with dragon mana ].

[your body startet to modi f mosification is negative your state will cansuming you are suffring from fever your life mana is] [backing you up modification ]

[life mana and dragon mana combinig ]

[life mana state increas your body becoming normal ]

skill universal language level up.

skill un. …..leve up

[now you can read and under stand divin bieng dragon language ]

sing woo what is this

then message started to pop up

[you killed a goblin received ex 100 ][you killed a goblin received ex 100 ][you killed a gobli received ex 100 ][you killed a goblin received ex 100 ]

{level up}[you killed a goblin received ex 100 ][you killed a goblin received ex 100 ]

[you killed a goblireceived ex 100 ]

{level up}

[you killed a goblin received ex 100 ]{level up}

you comlete first step you killed 500 goblin

then suddanlt a message pop up

your brain washed cammander died

your brain washed cammander died

you killed goblin chief

3 step Completet

now his brain washed goblin come


thare was only 13 of them

he ask what happand with remainig

chief killed them ok


do you know about dragon body

there was only on cammander who say yes

he ask him to tak steps and come near him

now remaning of you kill your self

[you killed a goblin cammander received ex 500 ]msg pop uo

and there was last msg

[hidden task find the dragon book]

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